Commodore Vic-20 emulation


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Considering that the DC has a keyboard, I am suprised that emulators have not been made for popular home computers such as the VIc-20 and Commodore 64.

The PC based emulators are everywhere. My favorite system-- the Vic20 is quite small and simple. It's only a 3k machine. Java emulators have been made.

Does this seem feasible for the DC or are there other issues I am not aware of?


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Those machines really need cycle-exact emulation which takes lots of power. If you settle for less accuracy you could do it (C64s ran OK-ish on 486s). There are other issues as well, such as the primary storage format being read-write but relatively few games actually save anything.


I don't know about the VIC, but there is a decent version of Frodo (C=64 emu) called DreamFrodo that runs quite well on DC. There is an accurate version which is slower and a non-accurate version, which runs more or less fullspeed with sound (especially the first release, the newer releases are a bit slower). It doesn't run a lot of demos, but quite a few games run quite well.