Convert S-video to A/V output

I want to know if it is possible (Y/N) to convert S-video to A/V output. I bought a cheap geforce2 mx200 and it has just S-video output; but no TV wich supports it.
I believe that it is a simple matter of combining the two outputs into one via a simple adaptor. You just need to get the order correct.
actually, one of the two signals of s-video will work as composite, you need to switch to composite in the geforce drivers, tho (some tab in display properties). you basically just need an adapter s-video plug->2 wires (gnd and Y I think) to composite.
Alright, I will update/tweak the driver I have, do some trial&error and then make a decent adapter in January :)

thanks for the help
you might try this. it says rca to s-video, but it should work the other way around? or they might have a s-video to rca connector! go to and this is the product number.: Cat.#: 15-1238

I bought one the other day. Simple little adaptor that works like a charm. Cost me AU$10 for the little thing.

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