Converting ISO's

How do I convert an ISO to 2048 from 2352? I need this to burn Princess Crown. I tried binchunker, but I don't know what to do in it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
BINChunker requires a valid cuesheet. Try CDmage instead. After you have the image file open in CDmage, right click on the right pane where it lists the data track and do an Extract Track As..., choose mode1/2048, choose destination, and extract. When done, just rename the extracted file to *.ISO.
I converted it and the game won't work! I think it's a bad rip (the maker of it can't get it working either)

For the conversion, I opened the ISO, the is the left panel where it displayes it I right clicked and an option to convert was there. Tell me if the gaem works for you, I think it's broken.
i have to do this too, and i downloaded cd mage, and i dont see "extract track as..." when i right click anywhere. I can extract individual files, but it wont let me change them from 2532 to 2048 either. should i download a different version (i have version thanks
Sorry, I meant Extract Tracks..., see pic below:

I converted it with satconvert. It should work, but it doesn't. I'm out of cd-r's so I can't test it again.

Edit: It took a while but I got it to boot and play. I had to swap earlier than normal on the 2nd swap to get it to work. So just play around with your timing and it should boot eventually.

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