Converting s.a. joystick to ps2 dual shock!

Well, for anyone who may be interested,...........................

I've started on replacing the PCB of the Sony Playstation Twin Analog Joystick with the PCB of a Playstation 2 Dual Shock controller. I've mapped all the contact points within both controllers, and feel that once I can get up to Radio Shack and pick up a couple supplies my dream will be a reality! 8)

Why would I screw with perfection you ask? Well the simple reason is that the S.A.Joystick is sooo cool looking! But it only works with a handful of older games,...... :'(

It also doesn't appear to work with any PS2 games, doesn't rumble, and is generally obsolete!

So I kicked around with which controller to use, and discarded several "flashier" ones before settling on the PS2 Dual Shock as my best bet.

1) Compatible with my Playstation

2) Compatible with my Playstation 2

3) Compatible with Dreamcast, Game Cube, and X box through the use of adapters.

4) A minimum of features to cut/drill holes for integration into the housing.

Opening the housing of the SA Joystick, my first realization was the absence of an R3 and L3 button, or rumble motor mounts. I know Radio Shack has suitable buttons, and I have a Dremel to make nice, neat holes. No promlem there.

The Rumble mounts will need a creative solution and a little alteration. Maybe FIMO?

The main buttons press directly onto the PCB, so I'll have to retain it and hack it by issolating the buttons circuit traces from the original PCB. At least until I can make a suitable replacement.

I have run into a couple fuzzy areas though after mapping all the traces,...........

1) Pin 12 on the PS2 Dual Shock ribbon cable appears to connect to ground across what appears to be a switch,...but there is no switch! It looks like it has no use (perhaps a resistor?), except as an extra ground? That would bring to 3 the total. 1 for the Start, Select, and Analog/Digital Mode Button, and another for R1, R2, L1, L2, Triangle, Square, Circle, X, and Up, Down, Left, Right for the Digital pad. Curious.

Also,...does anyone know how I can convert an analog controller signal into a digital one? I'd like to map the left analog stick to the 4 shoulder buttons (via a switch) so I could play Armored Core.

I could also use a program compatible with Windows ME for Circuit design.

Any advice or comments would be appreciated!


I'm going to use the Mad Catz Dual Analog Controller because the "steering" feature allows the left analog stick to act as the digital pad, and the right stick to act as X, triangle,circle, and square!

"ScreamingFalcon wrote:

- One of my older Mad Catz Dual Shock Turbo

- controllers had the ability to use the 2 sticks

- instead of the buttons. The left stick was the d-pad

- and the right stick was for the other buttons."
Finished it! Works great with the new PCB. THE ULTIMATE Armored Core controller.......................!!!

Like anyone cares about a PS controller hack here at Sega Extreme................... But with my PS to DC converter it will ROCK for Virtual On!!
well where are the pictures of your conversions... I wanna see.. and over course the nice video clip of you using your fun new toy.. hehe... =
Does it work for VirtuaOn? Does it? That would be awesome, I´ve got one of those dual analogue monsters lying around somewhere too (you meant the big, grey SCPH-1110, didn´t you?).

Great idea, never thought of THAT before...

No pictures yet, but I WILL be devoting space on my website to this project. And I'm shy about making movies about playing with my toy...............

As far as does it work with Virtual On? It won't work on the Saturn. But with my new Dream Connection 4in1 to convert Playstation controllers to be used on Dreamcast, I don't see why I can't play VOOT with this. (the second reason I did this!) The twinsticks for Saturn are just re-mapped connections on a standard controller I've been told, so if you used an old Saturn controller as your starting point, you could do the same thing.