Are there any analog joysticks for playstation?

I was just playing wipeout and thinking how this sucks playing with those terrible playstation thumbsticks. Well I guess that's not a huge revelation since everything sucks on the standard playstation controller. But this specifically, as about a decade ago I had wipeout XL on the PC, and played with a sidewinder 3D joystick, and the control was perfect.

PCs always have had analog joysticks. I can never understand why consoles never got joysticks. Sure the original atari had joysticks, but it quickly went over to joypads ever after.

Now platforms, fighters, definitely better with a joypad. But racing, flying, 1st person shooting games the joystick definitely owns over the joypad. You might prefer a mouse or wheel but still the joystick owns over a joypad or joythumb anyday.

So why no analog joysticks on modern consoles? The PC isle is full of expensive fancy game controllers. But the consoles have nothing but stock lame painful controller designs.

I have an actual PS1 "analog" joystick. It looks like a thrustmaster. It's not that twin-stick thing. But I can't figure out how to get it to work. No games will recognize it when I flip the switch into analog mode. And it sucks using a joystick in digital mode for flying games. It's probably some incompatible pre-dualshock format or something.

But are there any other fully dual-shock (or preferrably both dualshock and neGcon) compatible joysticks out there?

I found one analog arcade stick, which might be nice. But the problem is arcade sticks are left-handed joysticks, and the joystick is not ergonomic. For flying/driving you really need a right-hand ergonomic grip.

What would be really nice is some kind of PC to PS2 converter so I could just use my sidewinder. But unfortunately all they make are PS2 to PC converters, and who the hell would consciously cHOOSE to use a PS2-style controller when they don't have to?

There is nothing more painful than trying to finger those damn L1/R2 switches while thumbing the joythumb and fire buttons at the same time.

And that's not just PS2 (though it was in their infinite wisdom to put FOUR Goddam shoulder switches on the thing instead of having 6 face buttons and two shoulders. The number of times I die because I'm like shit which one was R1 again right at a crucial point). I blame the SNES for initially creating shoulder buttons. There is no way for someone with large hands (or probably small hands either but I can't speak for them) to be able to maintain good control over the D-pad and face buttons while having reactive use of the shoulders. The saturn wasn't much better except that it had 6 face buttons so you rarely needed to map a critical key to the shoulders.

Now the "triggers" are much more ergonical and aren't bad at all. Like the center trigger on the N64 controller (which is a mixed bag of really good [analog thumb plus trigger works great for 1st person shooters and racers] and really terrible [unreachable shoulders and 4 indistinguishable camera buttons that you keep mixing up with A and
, the two triggers on the Saturn 3D pad, and the triggers on the dreamcast pad.

Ok that devolved into a rant...