Could somone help a newbie with a question???

ok,i have the ages emulator,I got willy beamish from an ftp,they are all RAR files though and when i click on ages it says that i do not have the file unrar.dll and that without it i cant read RAR's...and when i click on the file that willy beamish was in none of them show up,so is the problem with the files i downloaded? any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
ok I used winrar to extract them all and now they are showin up as winamp media files......Im coming to the solution that i fawked up somewhere :( .........
What you probably have is a game in the ISO+MP3 format. This means that the game file is called XXXX.ISO and the music files are YYYYY.mp3. Try loading the ISO file in ages (gens is probably the betten emulator, though).