Country Mod problem.

I followed the guide from Icedragon( ) and successfully installed the country mod with a dpdt switch a few years ago. I haven't touch my saturn in awhile, but recently I felt like some siluette mirage so i drag it out and found something hella gay!!!

When i flip the switch to japan mode, the power won't come on!

I then thought something might have happened to the wire cus i used cheap thinass wire. SO i took those out and install it using a different switch (the dpdt switch can in a set of 2) and new wires(colored). Before I close the lid i test it, and the power DID came on in both setting(jap and usa). And so i hook it up to my tv to play and once again the power will not come on in Jap mode. I'm not sure what would cause the power to not turn on. So if anyone can tell me why the power won't turn on in jap mode, that'll be all i need to fix this.

Btw i noticed that points jp 13 and 9 are both connected in both usa and japan mode, how come?
my only suggestion would be to check if there is much bare wire at the soldered ends. if there is, putting the top of the case back on might be pressing them to other jumpers, or otherwise causing a short. obviously, this short would be on one of the jap jumpers, so when it's switched to us, there is no power through the shorting location, and no problems occur.

again, that's just a shot in the dark. hope it helps...
this is bad!!!! I accidentally pull ouf the whole silicon piece under the left point on jp7. can i just solder to the righ tpoint of jp6 and it'll work? since the right of jp6 and left of jp7 is connected. damn this is bad!
heres some pictures if it helps

that was after i remove all the wires and accidently pulled the copper off of jp7

heres the part that was burnt after the explosion(hah)

there was some black crud all over it but i wiped it off.


am I in no man's land? or is there a way out of this? ???
because they are connected, yes, you could connect to either, provided that you have not done an excessive amount of damage to anything else. however, all of the old connections 'through' the board would need to still exist. basically, as long as j6 and j7 are still connected, and j7 still connects to whatever is on the opposite side of the board (if anything, everything should work fine. like i said, it's been a while, and i cant remember all the details of what's on the reverse side of the board...)

my only other question refers to what you mean by 'the silicon piece'. if you are referring to the green main board, then that area should have carried no connections other than the jumpers and soldered connections. if you are referring to the little chunks labelled like the 'ed1' ones, then those needed to be removed anyways, from the jumpers you are working from. if you need a second description of the modification, to compare to, there is one at, in the largest saturn system faq (255k, i think...). it's in section 9 of the faq.

hopefully this helps at least a bit. as for the cd reading problem in the other post, i really don't know what's up with that. if the saturn is dead, you might be able to find someone on here that would sell a saturn with a language switch already installed. i'd offer, but i only put a switch into one of my saturns, and i'm keeping that, obviously...

so, again, hope all this helps. if not, feel free to contact me, and i'll try to help you out further...
when i say the silicon piece, i mean the little copper point under the left point of jp7. But yeah i tried to solder to the right of jp6 and it DID work. Cd-Rom is still not working though.