country switch

uggh, i'm all ready do do the country switch, the saturn is in pieces, i've located the jumpers.

problem, the jumpers are located on both the top and the bottom of the board.

i can't find a diagram for my model of saturn.

i don't have a mulitmeter.

can somebody please post a diagram for the jumpers on both the top and bottom of the board (showing ground, +5v etc.) and where to connect each to the switch.

on the top of the board the jumpers go like this

JP13 JP12 --> [] []-[] []

JP11 JP10 --> [] []--[] []

on the bottom like this

JP6 JP7 -- > [] []-[] []

my saturn is a PAL model 2. 64pin IC.
I did a region switch on one of those once, it was a bitch.

The jumper settings are the same, so if you just sort of copy the diagram, and cut it up on your pc you should be able to figure it out (I particularly like the colored diagram at I think it was). The real fun part is if the wires are too thick, having to give the main pcb a slight bend to get it to fit in the saturn with wires under it and over it
er.. BAD.

bending PCBs will easily result in tiny breaks in the board, breaking the traces and rendering the machine dead or unreliable. use thin wire.

the jumper settings are pretty much the same for all machines, just different locations for the jumpers.