CPS2 Death

Looks like CPS2Shock has been killed by lamers.

Another sad day in the world of emulation. I just don't get the point HOW/WHY people can be such Arses in the face of people who make emulation happen. *Sigh*, RIP CPS2Shock...
yeah, a lot of people are dicks. I was looking forward to the XORs for Marvel vs Capcom. Oh well, best of luck to Raz in his future endeavors :)
Jeez... like MVC was all that great anyhow. If you wanted it so bad there was a great DC conversion out. The game that I wanted was Rockman the Power Fighters. I don't see a home port of THAT anywhere. *sigh* That was the last unported game, sadly it'll be a while before its playable now.

Heh... Didn't even notice this was your post K-Samurai. Just hope you don't hold any sort of grudge against me.

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rockman the power battle was actually ported to neogeo pocket color. as weird as it might seem, it actually plays very good and very close to the arcade version.
I just hope they leave the site up for a while, there's some great stuff there besides the XOR files.
CPS-2 Shock is back!!!! Last time, they only wanted to see the reaction if they'd close down. See excerpt below:

Quote: from from CPS-2 Shock on Oct. 20, 2001



<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>There were a couple people in my circle of friends that seemed to like backstabbing so we used the insults to my wife on message boards to sniff them out. It was a case of throwing our hand (closing the site) and then watching the reaction. To cut the story short (and without getting into any details) the plan worked perfectly, CPS2shock is up and running again with a few small changes.

1) You can now reach us via www.cps2shock.com too.

2) Email address has changed (old one still works too).

3) #CPS2shock is moving off of EFnet onto NEWnet.

Everything is now back to normal, though I want to use this opportunity to ask if anyone can donate or allow us to borrow the following 2 games.

NightWarriors: DarkStalkers Revenge (USA Blue)

Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (USA Blue)

If you can help us out here please visit our donations page for more information.
if whatshisface wasnt creating the XORs then someone else would.. The whole 'scandal' seems to me a tempest in a teapot..

lamers are part of life.. if you dont want to hear from idiots you really shouldnt go online.. or outside..

also part of life are people who only contribute to the 'sk3n3' when others are sending them donations..

so of course CPSShock is back... how else is razoola (i rememberd his name) going to get free arcade boards and cash? if you've followed the story you'll know by now he expects to get paid to dump arcade boards for us

my own view is that hobbies should be left to people who enjoy doing em.. when someone gets dollar signs in his eyes theres always bullshit.. i say fuckit and let someone else dump the boards because they like doing it

btw rockman the power battle is a cps1 game and has been in mame and callus for years
Lancastoor: If you were paying attention, you might notice that Snyderman said The Power Fighters, which is not a CPS1 game and has not been in MAME and Callus for years. Also, in saying that Raz's motivation is to make money and get free arcade boards, you're calling him a liar, unless I missed a mention that he's decided to keep all donations for himself instead of using donated money to return donated boards to their owners.
considering he is in europe, shipping to return a single board will cost at least 40$ to USA, if not more. that sure as #### doesn't leave much money from donations. and rockman the power battle had BOTH a cps1 and cps2 version.

and so far NOONE else is able to dump or create the XORs. if he doesn't do it, it'll take months again till someone else figures it out, if they ever do.