Crazy Taxi - Game Boy Advance

Something weird is going on.

I'm quite sure i have the GBA version of Crazy Taxi but when i start up, i get the PS2 version!.

Heres what i'm doing.

Insert the GBA cart in a GBA

Power up

Wait for the Sega screens

Press Start at the Title screen

Go through selections to start a game

Game goes into "loading sequence"

PS2 version loads and not the GBA version

what am i doing wrong???
Originally posted by WiseMan@Jun 17, 2003 @ 05:47 AM

have you played it also galstaff?

perhaps this is only a problem with my copy.

should i contact the supplier?

NO....dont contact them..........

keep the kart.....and buy another.....the, if the 2nd one gives you the same result....THEN you contact them......

but if it's just that one cart......then it's a rare thing!
He is making fun of the ps2 port. The port of the ps2 version is the same as the gba version. :flamethrower:
*sigh* what will will do with them SegaSquad.

Here it is in plain english for you.

the gba version sucks ass.

the ps2 console full stop sucks ass.