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Is the north american gba restricted in playing games only released for the north american market? Would I be able to play jap games on a North american system?
There's no territory lockout on the GBA.
I got my GBA from a workmate for 40 quid, great price I thought, and he described it as 'transparent red'. Unfortunately I was unaware that 'transparent red' actually means transparent pink. I can't play it in public now.
I too carry that shame with me.

It was either get a pink GBA or wait for a restock, which was going to take 2 weeks.

I didn't want to wait.
I would rather have taken a pink one than the boring indigo I got, but the sales clerk said they only had indigo ones. Later on I found out they had pink ones as well. Hmph!
Get yerself some plastic paint and have some fun in turning the samefull pinky GBA into a cool custom looking one.
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Orange is a good colour?

Hell yeah, orange rules! Have you seen it? I could really dig a dark green GBA as well but I don't think they're making any that color.

I can understand why they're not making weird colours, but at the very least they should have already made a black version for North America.