Data Recovery


Mid Boss
Using Power Quest Drive Image 2002, I backed up an HD since I needed to replace it, separating it into 3 700MB (problem 1) files (it was a back up of Windows XP, etc). Burned them to CD, fine and dandy.

When I go to restore, however, the end of the CD can't be read.

I tried undeleting the backup files, but they were in such poor condition that they were completely useless (problem 2).

So, the main question is, if anyone knows, is how to retrieve that data at the very end of the CD. I saved them as the customary PQI, and burned in Nero using the default ISO settings. The laptop I backed up does not have a burner, so I made the backups to another partition, and sent them to a networked PC to burn. Nero did not say I was overburning, so I didn't think anything of it (hindsight is always 20/20).

Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated - thanks in advance!
Personally... I find it's best when doing something of the nature of what you are doing to backup data across the network... then just format and do a fresh install. You're less likely to run into issues like this.

That said, can you read past the point on the computer you burned them on? If so, I'd suggest reading off the cd onto the computer you made them on, then copying back across the network.