DC AT $50!!!!


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Man, if I don't get one soon, someone shoot me ;) for being such an idiot ;)

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*gets ready to hit CC with a World Shaking if he doesn't give me any hentai sites, regardless if I get a DC or not*
*powers up a Sparkling Wide Pressure for Akuma. World Shaking for CC, Sparkling Wide Pressure for Akuma :)*
*runs for his life, knowing that NOTHING can survive the BFG ;)* (you talking about the BFG from Doom? or Quake II? (the greatest FPS of all-time I might add, is Quake II :))
*hits CC with the World Shaking he'd been saving, after bragging about how he has Dylan's (me :biggrin:) most wanted game* (well besides FFX :biggrin:)

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That would be the BFG9000 from Doom. My copy of Quake II is modified so that you play as Transformers. The BFG in it has been replaced with Megatron's plasma cannon.