Dc prephirals

the other day i saw ddr 2nd mix on the shelf for dc.

my question is..

does the dc have a dance mat?

im thinkin along the lines of third party jap only release...
good call curtis i found it
I wonder if the PSX pad adaptor for DC is compatible with the PSX dance mat? It would probably work out cheaper cos PSX dance mats are only a tenner here.
There are 2 mixes of ddr for the dc Club Mix and Second Mix. There are also ddr pads just for the dc pretty easily found on ebay just pricey.
are these ddr pads u speak of controllers or mats?

as for psx dance mat stuff the pic burn.com suggests is a dc mat is actually a psx mat.

seems all the manufacturer did was change the plug anyway so i guess theres no probs using an adapter.

whats the difference between 2nd mix and club mix?

which is better?
2nd mix & club mix have different music & club mix adds some (minor) gameplay changes - like different colored arrows to make it easier to see if the arrows are staggered....

I like the music on ddr 2nd mix better....

My friend got 2 mats (they're at my house right now) from lik-sang (http://www.lik-sang.com/catalog/product_list.php?category=28&) - the shipping was more than the mats..... but they work fine....