DC save copier?

just as the heading of the topic asks!

thanks in advance!
can't......UK DC servers are no longer up!......unless you know of another way?......link a pc-dc via modem2modem cable perhaps?
Originally posted by racketboy@Jul 10, 2003 @ 03:24 PM

can't you just copy save files to different VMUs through the DC system menu?

......sorry...I should explain a l'il more.....I want to use save files that I downloaded from the internet ....and need to get them on-to my vmu to use them....I have no DC internet options open to me as the servers are all dead now. (UK)

So I was looking for other ways to get them from my hard-drive to my vmu.

Antime.....your link to the 4MB vmu+cable over at lik-sang is a big help! Thanks! :cheers
you can re-download them off the net straight onto your VMU -- if you don't know the site, upload them to a webserver.
You don't need a "DC server". You can use any dial up ISP that doesn't require you to use specific dialing proggies. Just boot the browser and adjust the internet account settings, much like in a PC.
^I was going to say what M3d10n just said but I'm assuming you have a broadband connection for your pc and don't have any free 56k isp to turn to. If you think you can manage the pc-dc link to use that for internet i'd say go for it for sure... but it looked like too big of a pain for me. My suggestion would be to get a dc card that allows downloading files off pc (I think it was the nexus cards & cable that allowed this).

Good luck.

To freely connect to any ISP you need Dreamkey 3.0. It's bundled with Phantasy Star Online 2.0, or you can supposedly contact Sega Europe and get it for free/for P&P.