[DEV] Dreamcast BBA Converter!


I just finished one of a project that was close to my heart.
I wanted a BBA for my dreamcast, but seeing the abusive prices, I decided to find an alternative solution.

To find the solution without FPGA emulation, I had to go back in time in the year 2000, and look at what sega was working on, hoping to find something to reproduce the BBA ... and it seemed obvious to me that the Naomi as well as the 'Atomiswave are the big sisters of our dreamcast ...

So I discovered the Atomiswave, and I worked on it to understand how the beast worked ... like the dreamcast!
Yes, the atomiswave is neither more nor less than a dreamcast in which we removed the GDROM to put a cartridge port :-D
So guess what? the removable network adapter in your atomiswave ... it's a BBA: autop:

EUREKA, I found it!
It's a world first, it's MADE IN FRANCE

It took me many hours of research and testing to trace all the signals, but I succeeded: honor:

Long live the dreamcast at 100Mbps

Neat, but looking at prices for Atomiswave boards I don't know if you're saving all that much.

IIRC there's a design for a homebrew LAN adapter clone, but I guess nothing came of the efforts to clone the BBA?
i was lucky and bought an atomiswave communication cartridge for $20 :p