Development for SegaCD

Anyone know any good development sites or info on segaCD development of games I know the system development died awhile back but wondering if anyone ever worked on homebrew stuff or at least info on how to do that
Geez does know one know wonder I can't find anything like homebrew games or translated SegaCD games from Japan.......Main reason interested in development info for segacd so I can work on a little translation on certain games I come across
Thanks its a start but I still need a game more specific info like how the files are accessed which ones contains the tiles for changing tiles that sortta thing.....roms are pretty easy its all thrown in one file but CD are different because there are so man different files I'm basically looking for the heart of the beast so to say Software side
That's the sort of hacking you have to do yourself. Sega CD doesn't look for fixed filenames for stuff, so it's up to the programmer to come up with a memory management / file loading scheme.