Did i fry my Saturn Mainboard??

got a quick question for any techy types.

i was region switching one of my saturn systems tonight. i tested the connections with my multimeter, and while doing so accidently touched 9v to 5v ("hot" pin on the multimeter slipped, touching the 2 pins at the same time)

since this happened, i can not get the system to power on. now i remember once doing something similar....i left the board alone for a few hours and when i came back, it worked fine again. i'm going to bed now to attempt to have the same thing happen, but i just wanted to know if anyone else has done this before, and if so, what was the result?

i have another board that will power on but will not display anything...the CD-Drive works and the light comes on, but i get no audio or video. i'm guessing that the board is defective, but i wanted to ask if anyone has an idea for a fix? i'd hate for it to have died,.


well I think the first board has just blown a fuse... if you take a look at the pics I sent you you can see that I shorted it using a wire, but now I just soldered in a new fuse and my PSU & Saturn work fine now!
the power supply is fine...i've used it on multiple systems, and the problems persist with different power supplies.

i got up this morning and tried to fiddle with the shorted board. i get power to the system (verified by the cursed multimeter), but the system will not display and it will not power up the CD-Rom drive. i'm calling this one.

Time of death: Sunday September 7, 2003. 9:47 AM, -8 GMT

Fare well, April 1996 saturn....you were far better to me than i deserved.

it's a good thing i bought 3 of these babies.

anyone need a body to practice mods on?

It lived

i let it sit for 2 days then pluged it in today on a whim.

it's now being used to try to figure out how to do a 50/60hz on one of these boards (HELP!!! the commonly known way doesn't work!!!!)