Doc site update.


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Thanks to ExCyber, you can now download the SMPC manual.

Remember, if you have documents not available on the site, please contact me! Also remember to grab the files if you're even remotely interested in the subject, you never know how long a single site will be up (remember that xoom site that had most of these docs and still shows up on Google searches..?)
I found two docs on my other computer that I didn't even know I had, they're now available with the rest:

Disc Format Standards Specification Sheet Ver. 1.0, and

Preliminary Technical Bulletin #48.

As always, if you have stuff not available please contribute!
If you can provide me with an ftp I can upload to, i'll basically finish your collection(I think i'm only missing 3 or 4 docs from the dts '97 list).

Cyber Warrior X
Awright, thanks to CyberWarriorX (and SkankinMonkey) I now have an almost complete set of docs. I owe you guys a cupcake!

I uploaded most of them today, and will put the rest up soon. Most of the remaining docs are manuals for tools and thus a bit useless without the actual tools (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).
I have finally uploaded the tools I got from CyberWarriorX. Go check it out, esp. the SBL!
Well done

I still don't have all the mac tools working, but sound support in my game

is now getting closer.

Yeah, a number of the mac tools are crippled or plain out don't work without the proper dev hardware.

I guess I will have to use your specs. It will be possible for the sequence, but what about instruments (using the DSP) ?
Nah, just use SndSim for Seq's. Even though it's crippled, you can still create seq files quite easily. As for SCSPBIN(or better known as TON files), from what I can tell you can still create them, but you can't preview them very easily.

Cyber Warrior X