Download ShenSonic Demo2!

Download Demo2:

Needed DLL`s, to Windows/System:


Try it out! :)
Pretty neat game, you must have spent a lot of time working on it. One thing though, you should realy speed up the text, it takes about 10-15 seconds after reading a message before im able to do anything.
try and get another web host. Everytime I try and go to your site I get:

"Temporarily Unavailable

The Angelfire site you are trying to reach has been temporarily suspended due to excessive bandwidth consumption.

The site will be available again in approximately 2 hours!

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gallstaff, there is a readme...

and iceman, it is a bit over 4 megs...

i really would appereciate if you would host it. :)
screenshots could help ppl have an idea of what they could expect.

And what do the dll's do? Nothing damaging, i hope...

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No offence, but I probably wouldn't recommend people install this software on their computer.

Most amature software coders don't take into account things like DLL and driver versions, System files, and deployment methods. They just overwrite and dump files where they please, even if they are out of date.

On top of that, it dosn't comfort me to know that this game wasn't even really programmed. It was made in a psudo-game maker script package. Who knows what this game script interpreter does to your computer!? If amature programmers make code which sometimes screws up OS files, damages drivers, and crashes, what makes you want to try a game from someone who can't program at all!?!

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I agree. My computer has been screwed up too many times by poorly writen programs.

I think the worst case a "game creation kit" program damaged my computer was when the engine/interpreter was really writen for windows 3.1 and when it installed it totaly killed drivers by installing its own Windows 3.1 version drivers. On top of that the program always caused a GPF (General Protection Fault) when I tryed to run it, and after reboot the blue screen came up with numerous files which were missing or damaged!
ouchiewahwah! Anyhoo, the game isn't that fun anyways... no offence. Here's hoping that I didn't risk my system to damage!
That´s why I keep 2 different partition on my computer. One for "junk stuff" like FPS, beta programs, my own programs, etc., and other for "work stuff". If you guys want to give it a try look on the net for program called Partition magic by powerquest

And let´s support our fellows amateur game programmers.