Dracula X

I just burnt DarcX for saturn, and I was wondering if there were any audio tracks (just like the psx ver, which has a bonus audio track). So, are there any or just ~400 MB of data?
Tsk tsk tsk... The saturn version of Dracula X had me appalled... IF ONLY Konami had found out how to use the Saturn to it's full potential, then it could have been a superior version to the PSX (Hey, just fix the CRAZY amounts of slowdown, and possibly change the map viewing feature to make it easier and it's already better than the PSX version.) I love playing as Maria and Richter from the start though.
I dont know for sure, my Dracula X was Bin/cue, but I know that not all games use CD music. For instance, Sexy Parodious was JUST one ISO but all the music is in the game.
Quote: from keropi on 7:56 am on Dec. 18, 2001

Snyderman: do u have an audio track in ur dracx??? if u do will u up it on lokcole's ftp?

all that track is is the "you cannot use this game in a regular cd player" track. my own copy only has the data burned.
Yeah. Just a warning track.

Parodius Deluxe and Sexy Parodius used mp2 for its music. The neatest thing is they had SParodius use 44.1khz for its music while the PSX version used 37.8 for its XA. But on the Deluxe cd both versions used 37.8 khz.

Meanwhile Parodius Forever With Me and Dracula X:NitM both use some type of pcm. PFWM says it uses 44.1khz. Does anyone know if the Dracula X game uses 44.1khz as well or did they simply port over the 37.8 XA onto it since just about everything else, minus the extras, in it appears to be a PSX port.