Dragon force 2 translation help


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I was a huge fan of the first D.F. I recently got ahold of 2. However, playing it is rather tough. I don't know Japanese. Does anyone know of a site that helps with translating the game. Or, by any chance was it released in Europe?
No translations on a site as far as I know!

European release??? Where??? Nope
DF2 is another ultimately Japanese-only game.

TIP: Try the statigies in one battle, write down on the paper what your army done with the first, second, third... option and then it will be easier to play it. I've finished with the basic character (yeah the bondie one) before 1 year using this "paper trick".
DragonForce is always a challenge
. you must play it. It has great changes in comparison with the first part. Here you can have combined types of armies, for example, 30 archers and 70 dragons. Therte are new types of army troops and there is voice acting between cut-scenes!

Check here for some pics but they aren;t in the best condition:

If you can't read Japanese, I think your in for a hard time. Some parts of the game ask you to bring XXX Team member to YYY location. Unless you do it exactly too the letter, the game won't advance the story. Even though Japanese copies Chinese writing, its still pretty darn hard to play Japanese games. At the very least I would recommend that you can recognize names of people, so that when a game refers to them, at least you know who they are talking about.
I have some good news for you. I've been wandering around Game Faqs other day ( www.gamefaqs.com ) and saw a guide with help in menu translations for Dragon Force 2.

You might want to check it out, it's not a full translation but certainly better then nothing.

I love Dragon Force but never had the chance to play the sequel. I don't know anything of Japanese and that keeps me away from the game. ???