Dragon Force

i d/l Dragon Force from Edge's FTP (Armada-X) and i can't seem to get it to work

its called SSDDR-Dragon Force so i gather SegaSaturnDDR ripped it.

the rar files contain a DRAGON_FORCE.iso, CUE, Track 02.mp3 & an sfv.

This is what i'm doing to burn it,

covert DRAGON_FORCE.iso to EUROPE country code using Saturn Country Converter GUI Version.

Then i use ISO2RAW.exe to convert it to RAW

The mp3 is converted to wav with MP32WAV

i make the nessessary changes to the included CUE so i can burn it.

then i load it into cdrwin 3 and burn.

i've burnt it twice and i cant boot it. i'm using the swap trick but any other swap trick game works fine so its not my technique.

whats going wrong here?
i just boot with segaflash or some shit and then exchange with dragonforce after the laser moves back.

the SEGA copyright logo comes up then (not the sega saturn logo the next one)

then that goes away and the disc spin slows down and it just sits on a black screen for about 10mins before going to the system screen.


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Originally posted by WiseMan@Jul 8, 2003 @ 12:07 AM

i make the nessessary changes to the included CUE so i can burn it.

then i load it into cdrwin 3 and burn.
  • Show us your cuesheet.
  • Which version of CDRWin 3.x? Did you buy a serial, use a blacklisted serial, or did you patch CDRWin?
cdrwin 3.8 a

using winxp i had to use forceaspi to get it to work.

i burnt radiant silvergun with it and it worked fine

i deleted the cue i used but it wouldve looked like this


 TRACK 01 MODE1/2352

  INDEX 01 00:00:00

  POSTGAP 00:02:00



  PREGAP 00:02:00

  INDEX 01 00:00:00

on another note i did try burning just the iso by itself with Easy Cd Creator 5.

I had converted the iso to europe region before doing so.

anyway after it burnt it did the same thing as cdrwin when i tried to play it.


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Patching "raw" mode images is a no-no, you'll just fuck up the error correction data. You can use CDMage or some similar utility to regenerate the error correction, but it is easier to convert the image to a regular mode1/2048 and go from there.
antime i patched the iso BEFORE i converted it to raw, is this still the same as what your saying?

also i said before that i tried burning it without converting to raw and it still didnt work in the saturn
Originally posted by WiseMan@Jul 8, 2003 @ 06:29 AM

i just boot with segaflash or some shit and then exchange with dragonforce after the laser moves back.

follow this method:

1 - Turn ON your saturn with the copy inserted!


2 - When it STOPS spinning already on the cdplayer, switch for an original.

3 - Press RESET

4 - Let the saturn read the protection region from the original cd, and when the laser comes back to the center swap for the copy.

Note that this last swap is not done when the lens is moving to the inner region, it is done a little after the lens reaches the center, the idea is to let the lens read some information, like 1/2sec after the lens reaches the center of the original cd...

good luck.

P.S. - I'm presuming that copy is correctly burned..
very good. that method worked.

why did i have to go through all that to make it work though?

my other games work just by booting with an original and swapping straight after the laser moves back, what is the purpose of loading the burnt disc then reseting?
That process of starting with an original and then only swapping for the copy after the protection ring is read from the original cd IS NOT RECOMMENDED!

Do you know what is the TOC of a cdrom?

(TOC = Table of Contents)

It's like some info that cdroms carry in the beginning that stores the disc layout, including the number of tracks, their starting/ending points etc...

Saturn reads the TOC from the cds BEFORE reading the ring, what happens is that if you start with an original cd its TOC is loaded into saturn's mem, and that copy you are going to boot will be recognized as if it is the original game.

This method only works with games that don't play CDDA tracks. Just think a bit, you load up with an original cd which has 15 audiotracks, each one starting at a point on that cd, now you insert the copy with the TOC of the first, already loaded, and when game starts (the copied) tries to read track X from the copy, one of 2 things can happen, or saturn crashes as the TOC in memory doesn't have an entry for track X, or it has but starting at a diferent position...

Anyways... don't use that method you're using.

The classic method is:

1- Turn on the console with the copy you want to play (so that its TOC is stored)

2- When saturn tries to read the protection, swap for an original

3- When the laser comes back, swap for the copy.

That one i've described to you, is just a modification of the "classic" method, as it seems to require much less timing on the 2nd (and the most important) swap.

Note: Hitting RESET doesn't clear the TOC.

There are some other methods.. i used to have a file describing some methods.. i think it was swapfaq.txt can't seem to find it on my pc..