Dreamcast Hardware Mods


I am planning on getting a clear dreamcast case and then putting a whole crap load of LED's inside. I was just wondering what the DC's output power was and what point held what current.

Wow, it's been awhile and no one replied. If you didn't figure it out, everything on the power supply is handily marked...
I had totally forgotten about this post, anyway i had found a website dedicated to DC hardware mods and in particular installing more LED's but im still waiting fro my clear case to arrive :(


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I know this might be a bit...late...but I have 2 good resources.

Dan Potter, over @ CA Games did his own DC LED mod a while ago. You might want to check out his allusion.net page for another opinion on the project.

For the Dreamcast cases, there's a local import store in my area that used to carry them. I'll be going there this comming week. If anyone is still interested in clear (colored) DC cases, I'll post an update to let everyone know if they have any left and what the price is.