Dreamcast just ramdomly resets...

Right, this has happened twice in last week.

The DC aint over heating, well the last time when playing a LEGIT copy of Daytona USA2001 it died on my 16th lap.. heh I was about to win...

But yeah, last time it rebooted 2 days before playin CDR copy of HOTD...

Any ideas why it reset? Hope it dunt get worse...
I was sure that I read a post about this recently. Maybe itwas somewhere else... :huh

Anyway, open up the DC and try removing the PSU and replacing it again. This should clean the contacts between the PSU and the mainboard. Dirty contacts seem to be the main cause of random resets.
Ahhh I just read a sticky thread about this at dcemu forums... A tutorial made and the common problems for resetting dreamcasts..

Try http://www.dcemulation.com/phpBB

I just tried searching for you but I failed to find it
Give a post there and someone will probably be able to help you.
That happen to my friends dc. If we wedged a quarter between the lid and console, it would work a little better, or if we put lots of text books on top of it. But it turns out that my friends little sister stuck a penut and a dime inside the laster unit. :smash
That problem sounds more like the switch on the GD-ROM unit is out of alignment or something.
It's an easy problem to fix and is also extremely common. It involves opening your dc and using some cleaning fluid to clean 4 metal pins inside it, not sure exactly off my head but if need be i can dig up the information if anyone needs it.