Dumping Multi Carts

I am trying to dump this cart. Psycho Pinball and Micro Machines. I have not seen this game dumped as of yet and am curious if its not possible to do it using a mass produced copier such as the Double Pro Fighter 32M. I have not opened up the cart because it is a code master cart and the screws are hidden by the label and I collect Genesis carts and dont want to damage this cart. It was rather difficult to find. So I do not know if it contains any additional hardware in it. The first time I tried to copy it it seemed to split the image into 8 512k files. However, when I combined the image it was corrupt. The header was unreadable and when I did a raw BIN convert it to was not loadable. The second try only resulted in dumping the Micro Machies image (512k) and wont dump anymore info. Tried many times since and only get Micro Machines. This cart requires you to hit reset to switch between games. The first game is Psycho Pinball and the second game is Micro Machines. Any Ideas?
there's an additional chip in there that will switch between 2 banks when reset is hit. you could possibly manually trigger the chip somehow (it's a counter or something) to dump the second bank.