Duo games in non bin/cue format... *sigh*

When will people on the internet learn that mp3/iso is a worthless way to rip games?

I had Ranma 1/2 2, and it was mp3pro, but Nero wouldnt burn it. CDRWin didnt like the cuesheet, Fireburner didnt like it either. The rars that these people make come with 2 cuesheets, one labled mp3, and one not labled. The one labled mp3 is for the unconverted mp3s i suppose. NONE work, not even if i convert the mp3s to wav.

I also have Valis 4, and it has like 30 ISOS along with 30 MP3s!! Does anyone know how to burn this type of 'mis-ripped' game?
I have a lot of games like that. Although I never burn them myself because I don't own a Due unfortunatly, there is a method you can try. I play them using Magic Engine, I always mount the game on Daemon Tools and simply run it. This always works. So what you can try (I always burn my Saturn games this way) is convert the mp3's to wav (make sure they're all at 44 100 hz), load the non labeled cue in deamon tools (if it gives an error something went wrong with converting the mp3's), test if it runs in Magic Engine and simply do a cd to cd copy with CloneCD or Discjuggler, I always use Discjuggler btw.
Thanks for the info, but the problem is this. I have buttloads (actual term) of Saturn games in mp3/iso format, which isnt so bad. 99.99999% of the Saturn games I burn work great. I rarely have a coaster, and if I do, its because of bad media.

As for the Duo games, Im not burning them to run in ME. I actually have a Duo (after a million years of wanting one) and the Duo is picky about games. Any game I get... ANY game, that is in bin/cue format works wonderfully, (sans Arcade CD games, dont have an Arcade card) but the ones with more than one iso, or even just any iso/mp3 RARELy work, even in ME.
Originally posted by PUNJABEE@Jan. 06 2003, 6:34 am

but the ones with more than one iso, or even just any iso/mp3 RARELy work, even in ME.

That's strange, I have lots of games with multiple iso's and nearly all of them work in ME. Did you try them burned or with Daemon Tools?

Anyway, you might want to ask your question at the RIGG forums, those guys know a lot about PCE burning.
i think hes suggesting you get them to work in me using daemon tools, then do a copy from the daemon tools emulated drive to a cdr with whatever software you choose

that does normally work ok for other systems where i havent got the native burning software for the image (clonecd for example)