DVD Cover Programs?

Jaded God

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Does anyone know the best DVD Cover Program Maker that automatically has the right size for your printer to print the cover to fit a DVD Case perfectly?
I just tried using it and it has a left and right cover to load a picture well I got a cover off cdcovers.cc and its a dvd cover and has the front spine and back all in one image... So i load the image in the left cover window and when I print it it gets cut off and isnt exactly perfect correct size anyways... So how do I do that?

I want a simple damn program that will give the right correct sizes for dvd covers and print them right.
i use cdlabeler pro -- its the best one ive found - ive tried about 6 programs and this one i liked best

it has a bunch of templates for the more common labels and has a very easy to use calibration for the generic labels (you can find at computer shows which are compatible to XXXXXX but just off a few millileters)