Emulation News !!

SSF Ver0.09 alpha R3

Drive state transition processing of a CD block was corrected.

Timer processing of SCSP was corrected.

RISANPURINGU processing of SCSP was corrected.

DMA end interrupt servicing of SCU was corrected.

Drawing of revolution surface of VDP2 was corrected.

The version of State save data changed.

The main loop processing was changed to the internal system clock center from the master SH2 center.

SH2 Instruction Numbers of an option was changed to 1Block Clock with that.

Maybe it becomes slightly heavy.

HSynch Real Clock option was abolished.

The compilation option was changed from Ver0.09 alpha.

A defect seems to have occurred because of that....

I returned an option to the beginning, so the software to which a defect has gone out from alpha may be corrected.
lxdream 0.8.3

What’s New

MMU Implementation - As previously noted, linux-dc now runs quite well, albeit slowly.

Dreamcast mouse and keyboard controllers (also rather essential for running linux-dc)

Support for real joysticks and gamepads (linux host only)

Various bug fixes

Other Changes

Change timer (TMU) interrupts to be precise (within the bounds of a code block anyway)

Implement SLEEP op properly in translator

Clamp run speed in the GUI if it’s running too fast

Run event loop more frequently to avoid missing keyboard events
SSF Ver0.09 alpha R4

It isn't too different, but it's raised for now.

SSF Ver0.09 alpha R4

DMA end interrupt servicing of SCU was corrected.

Reset processing of VDP1 was corrected.

The back screen processing of VDP2 was corrected.

The version of State save data changed.

I decided not to end after error dialogue indication.

But, continuation run won't be done.

Because genesis timing of DMA end interrupt of SCU slips with a production.

The option for which ON/OFF is delayed was set up.

It isn't necessary to make them delayed by most software.

I need the tapir tapir animal by certain software.
Model 2 emulator 0.8

- Rewritten the MultiPCM sound chip emulation. It fixes Original Model2 games sounds and music.

- Fixed eye paremeters being read as unsigned by the display list parser, causing bad geometry

in daytona 4 players attract and sega rally 2 players attract.

- Fixed network board detection for sgt24h and overrev. Now you don't need to enable network to

have them boot.

- Adjusted daytona steering limits to the real machine limits (according to the service manual). It should

have a more accurate handling now.

- Added force feedback for car driving games. You need to enable it in the .ini using the

option EnableFF=1 in the Input section. You can tweak more force parameters in that section. Also some

games only enable the force feedback if the cabinet type is set to Deluxe in the test mode.

- Added XInput support. You can enable XInput support in the .ini in the Input section. XInput allows direct

access to XBox360 compatible controllers for vibration (they don't support vibration through DirectInput).

Keep in mind that the windows XInput libraries only support vibration force feedback so an XBox360 driving

controller won't have working force effects.

- Added optional meshed polygons for translucency (like the hardware does). Enable it with

MeshTransparency=1 in the ini. This option requires a Pixel Shader 3 capable videocard.

- Fixed HOTD rom loading that caused missing tilemap graphics (how to play, map on gameover).

- Added preliminary savestates support. The sound engine state is not being saved yet. I've added this so I can

ask for states to try to fix the invisible walls problem in daytona.

Model 2 emulator 0.8a

Here is the usual (a) version fixing bugs in the previous release :)

- Fixed missing trigger buttons in gun games

- Fixed desert tank locked into test mode

- Improved main cpu/sound cpu sync in Model2 Original games
SSF Ver0.09 beta R3

Only minor changes are up.

VDP2 register counter to the V fixed.

SCSP timer process was fixed.

Forced to set up full-aspect ratio screen after screen resolution set to force to look for size.

The key input device settings for each port, so that each device for each store.
Yabause 0.96

0.9.5 -> 0.9.6

sdl joystick core:

- Fixed it...

software video core:

- Improvements and bug fixes.

carbon port:

- Added detection of sdk in the build process.

- Changed the cd core so that the first device found is used.

Users shouldn't have anything to set up when using cd device now.

gtk port:

- Tagged more strings to be translatable.

- Fixed bugs when setting a resolution in settings.

- Fixed controller settings so keys can now be configured even if emulation is not started.

qt port:

- Removed libsjw core.

wii port:

- Updated to use the last devkitppc.

- Added support for classic controller and for wiimote, disabled keyboard support.

windows port:

- Added command line support.


- Updated copyright for some files where it was missing or


- Fixes and improvements to the build process: fixed cross compilation of Qt port, added Wii port support, found a better way to "trigger" compilation of gen68k, fixed a bug when calling the sub-configure, .inc files are now cleaned, added MINI18N variable support, forwarded distclean rule to qt makefiles, configure now make sure the compiler is a cross compiler when cross compiling

- Added a workaround for the "limits.h" problem... now distros should fix their headers...

- Fixed the .desktop files for linux (gtk + qt ports)

- Added translation files for fr and pt in the repository.
JavaGear 0.97 Preview

1/ Big speed increase for mobile version. I've compiled my own customised version of proguard (the java obfuscator) . This results are great, and games run noticeably quicker. I'll have some precise data to back this up in due course.

2/ Decent standalone application version with menubar and windows .exe launcher for ease of use. Essentially the menubar is the final feature lacking from the rewritten javagear present in the original. It works better than the original though :)

Source : http://www.massdestruction.co.uk/jsnes/
SSF Ver0.09 beta R4

Optimization of peripheral data acquistion of SMPC was mounted.

Noise processing of LFO in SCSP was corrected.

Renewal processing of the revival location of SCSP was corrected.

Drawing of revolution surface of VDP2 was corrected.

V counter register processing of VDP2 was corrected.

The version of State save data changed.

The one an application error sometimes generated at the timing of switching of the resolution at the time of VDP2 drawing thread use was corrected.

Lengthwise 512 was missing in the full screen size of the time of PAL, so it was added.
lxdream 0.8.4 released

As promised, 0.8.4 is now available from the usual place. For the first time, I’ve also put up binaries for Debian(unstable) and OS X (10.4+). Again, this is a minor release with the bulk of the changes under the hood, so don’t expect radical changes to the emulation quality or compatibility.

What’s new

Fully native OS X support

Renderer rewrite (fixes perspective correction among other problems)

ALSA and PulseAudio sound drivers

Save states now work on x86-64

New translations: Spanish and Italian

Lots of miscellaneous bug-fixes and improvements

Last week’s changes

OS X: Shiny new preferences dialog

OS X: Fix internationalization support

OS X: Finish off application bundle (Info.plist, icon)

OS X: Handle mode-unspecified CD-Rom disc reads

Linux: Show CD-Rom drive names in gdrom menu

Linux: Fix mounting empty CD-Rom drives

Change audio initialization to try all available drivers

Source : http://www.lxdream.org/news/
nullDC 1.0.3 Released!

New version is out. Remember to read the included documentation if you encounter any problems.

Notice that this release lacks support for gamepads since the gamepad plugin needed quite some work. Raz plans to replace the current plugin with one that supports both gamepads and keyboards in the future so just be patient (again).

Changes are too many to list but here's a list of the basic changes:

* VMU/VMS support added.

* Fog emulation added on nullPVR. (Note: This requires a shader model 2 video card for now)

* Experimental DSP emulation support added on nullAICA.

* Image reader can load real CDs now too.

* Added a (hidden) option to get rid of the console window since some people seem to hate it.

* Various bugs and problems fixed. More stuff became compatible. Less issues on already supported stuff.

* NAOMI version of the emulator.

That's all I remember at the moment.

nullDC 1.0.3 (Dreamcast Version)

nullDC 1.0.3 (NAOMI Version)

Source : http://forums.ngemu.com/nulldc-discussion/110114-nulldc-1-0-3-released.html
Yabause 0.97

0.9.6 -> 0.9.7


- Added clipping for line-based drawing to software renderer.


- Toggling a screen is now core indepedent.

- Added per-character priority to software renderer.

gtk port:

- Fixed fullscreen setting and added a keep ratio one.

- Fixed a bug in the vdp2 debugger that was causing the emu to crash.

- Full software mode can be compiled again.

- Fixed segfault when taking screenshots in full software mode.

- Fixed default value for region.

- Window position is now saved and restored when re-opening the emu.

- Fixed a problem when changing input cores.

qt port:

- Improved compilation process: make (un)install now works.

- Fix crash when configuring input while using translated version.

windows port:

- Changed resolution list generation so it adds the resolution to the list,

regardless of whether it supports 60 hz or not.

- Fixed error when trying to add blank cheat code.

- Fixed all code that allowed the user to choose filename for saving so it

automatically places a default extension.

- Save and Clear buttons are now enabled when loading a cheat file.

- Fixed a bug with AR code adding where it was tracking the wrong edit


- Fixed a bug when adding raw cheat codes.

- Fixed bugs in vdp1 debugger.

- Fixed a bug where saving/loading a save state and an error occured would

cause sound looping.

- Scroll bar in memory editor now works properly when you move the thumb


- Added support for x64 builds in Visual Studio.


- Fixed a bug that was causing older save states to fail.
vbt said:
Saturnin 0.41 vp released but where ?

This isn't a public release, but the guys at Emulation9 apparently have a bot indexing everything I put on Saturnin's server (so this version was advertised as a release on their website :/ ). I changed the server configuration now, so it won't be a problem in the future (I hope :p )

Anyway it's just a version to test OpenGL capabilities of the graphic card, to see if (when ?) I have to take them into account, as it needs some code adaptation ;)

Recent graphic cards don't have the problem.
Gens32 Surreal v1.79 BadBoy

1)Try to fix the bugs on ATI HD2600 etc..

2)Adjust DAC.

3)ADjust YM2612.

4)Adjust PCM.

5)Deleted some filters.Update Gens32 Surreal II.

6)Update Gens32 IO for some hack use.
DEmul 0.4.8 WIP

New OpenGL plugin (gpuOGLv3). For proper plugin functionality - you should install latest video drivers (especially if you are ATI card owner).

gpuOGLv3 features:

- better polygon sort methods (still not provide perfect results). You can disable this feature for whole list and transparent polygons cause several games still works better without sort

- blend and shade functions

- fragment and vertex shader (offload calculation from CPU to GPU)

- apply fog per textures

- multiple screen resolution (needs restart)

- screeshots (PNG, JPG)

- mipmap textures

Fixes in other plugins:

- buggy polygon cache

- texture cache rewritten

- polygon params passes through TA with Intensity mode 1, 2 (Thrigger Heart Exelica)

- invisible polygons culling

- removed redundant GPU calls

General changes:

- GDR read synchronized with CPU and reduced to 1mb/sec (RE:CV "tiger head" fixed, credits to drkIIRaziel)

- fixed invisible bullets error in second chapter of Ikaruga (another credits to drkIIRaziel)

- added recent NAOMI romsets (all old handmade romsets are gone)

- fixed different dynarec, code invalidation and counters bugs

- fixed most of memory leaks

New GDR plugin gdrCHD. It supports Comressed Hunk of Data format (great thanks to MAME project). ".GDI" images can be converted to CHD with "chdman" tool from MAME project (e.g. "chdman -createcd my.gdi my.chd"). This conversion will add some redundant sectors between image tracks so it`s better to write your own ".TOC" description and feed it to "chdman" utility. Both methods will produce functional images the difference is only in size (quick ".gdi" to ".chd" conversion is a bit larger than handmade ".toc" to ".chd").

Not implemented & bugs (TODO list):

- render to texture (we already know how to implement it. but still fights with FBO on ATI cards. if we loss battle with FBO then we will switch to pBuffer technique)

- render framebuffer

- wrong texture filter in shader (noticable in Ikaruga. we investigate this issue)

- multisampling

Source : http://demul.emulation64.com/
vbsms+ v3.0 released

- added frame-by-frame advancing [olaf]

- added preliminary sound and related options [vbt, olaf]

- added the game gear's palette [parasyte]

- added region detection/switching [parasyte]

- added rapid fire unit emulation [olaf]

- added avi movie recording (no sound) [olaf]

- added pro action replay emulation [olaf]

- added showing of the loaded rom's filename in the main window [olaf]

- added fast forwarding [olaf]

- changed palette to precalculated [vbt]

- changed around some menus, text, and shortcut keys [olaf]

- changed folders to be created in "folders" folder [olaf]

CrabEmu 0.1.8 Released

It is the middle of the month of November, nothing is going on, so it seems like the perfect time for a new release of CrabEmu. CrabEmu 0.1.8 has many under-the-hood changes and bugfixes. Here's a look at some of the larger ones:

* Added preliminary support for the Terebi Oekaki drawing board (Mac OS X only, at the moment).

* Changed the VDP cache updating function to use a lookup table and other VDP emulation speedups.

* Practically rewrote the entirety of CrabZ80 to create a much smaller code footprint.

* Added a much nicer image to the controller preferences dialog on Mac OS X.

* Fixed color banding issues on the Dreamcast GUI.

* Added a 50/60 Hz selector to the Dreamcast port when a European Dreamcast is detected.

* Enabled stereo sound in the Dreamcast port.

* Fixed an annoying save bug in the Dreamcast port.

Oh yeah, the Dreamcast port finally runs full-speed (at least as much as I've tested it).

Enjoy the release, and be sure to report any issues that you may find.
SSF Ver0.10 prototype R1

The reproduction processing of CD was corrected.

The drawing processing of VDP1 was corrected.

The pattern specification mistake processing of the cycle of VDP2 was corrected.

The version of the state saving data changed.

Trouble where the error occurred when the sound buffer ring was set besides Normal and it recorded was corrected.

When the priority of sprite was all 0, the option to make it not draw was installed.

It is effective in the Movie etc. of the baroque.

Recording was temporarily mounted.