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Kega Fusion v3.63

Whats New ?


* Made some changes to the config options. Hopefully this fixes a problem

some people were having where Windows would fail to size the window

correctly, although I cannot reproduce this problem.

* Moved SMS controls into main controls window, matching the other builds.

* Fixed a couple of problems relating to SMS controls.

* Fixed preferred country detection order - at some point a couple of them

got switched somehow.

* Various SMS fixes.

* A few minor 32X bugfixes and tweaks.
Demul 0.5.5

* New GPU plugin gpuDXv3 under DirectX9 in shaders. To work Naomi1/Dreamcast/Atomiswave need support Shader 2.0. To work Naomi2 need support Shader 3.0.

* New GPU plugin gpuDXLegacy under DirectX9 on fixed functions. To use shaders are not required. Designed for people with Intel graphics, and just poor.7G%l3z$R.d5e$v

* New SPU plugin spuOAL under OpenAL interface. He works a lot better DirectX version, but still has some problems.bbs.emu-zone.org'n2D x)_)y(V$K

* New system texture cache GPU plugins, changed the system of calculating the coordinates.

* Fixed bugs in the old GPU and SPU plugins.

* Fixed bugs and made many improvements to the core of the emulator.

* Added all current romsety arcade, including data protection Cartridge versions. Romsety except GDROM-governmental, fully compatible with MAME romset.

* Added function of loading arbitrary dekriptovannyh romsetov for all arcade systems. In the dialog romseta click "Load Decrypted rom". For Atomiswave Roma, with crash when loading some romsetov need to increase the size of uploaded file twice.

Source : http://mameworld.info/
SSF Ver0.11 alpha

Fixed SCSP sound generation process.

Fixed cells VDP2 vertical scrolling process.

State saves data version changed.

Changed threading VDP1 draw.

VDP1 can reduce the load on the main thread in another thread that you draw.

Sound Thread option has been removed.

Always Running option has been removed.

Scanline Base Timing instead please use the option.

Recording file format has changed.

No compatibility with previous formats.
SSF Ver0.11 alpha R1

Fixed SCSP sound generation process.

Fixed SCU-DSP processing.

Established the option to choose the mode close to the maximum resolution of the display screen to expand the Saturn at full screen.

Established the option to increase the screen resolution of Saturn until either the display at full screen aspect.

Where we should be able to display at full screen display.

Sound confusing, so we discontinued the Interval option.

Inside the 1 / 4 is equivalent to the process.
SSF Ver0.11 alpha R2

SCSP was changed from single-precision floating-point double-precision floating-point processing of sound generation.

State saves data changed version.

DirectDraw support stopped.

Fixed a bug that failed to get full-screen resolution.

Internal division of the sound buffer 1 / 2 has been changed.
Kega Fusion v3.64

Whats New ?


I'm making this unplanned release, because things never go as planned, and

all my stuff is going to be in storage for a while (again). Due to that

thing they call 'real life' I have probably forgotten most of what I've

changed since the last build, and there may be stuff I have only partially

implemented and forgotten about.

But I'll list what I remember, and I'm sure you guys (and girls) will find

stuff I forgot about, or broke - because you rock.

Most of what I've done is by user request. PLEASE LET ME KNOW OF ANY MAJOR


* Swapped SMS buttons

* Added an option (that I couldn't think of a suitable name for) to show

the full SMS area when running GG games

* Fixed a couple of non-working SMS games (auto disable of some features,

e.g. YM2413, which would cause them to crash if present)

* Fixed some other minor SMS issues

* GG games that are really SMS games in a GG cart should now auto boot in

SMS mode

* A couple of 32X tweaks that will only matter to homebrew coders currently

* Fixed a couple of SegaCD games that didn't boot/run - if you find any

more, please do let me know - as far as I know, there are none

* Command line with -scd or -mcd and no filename will now cause Fusion to

start up in 'Boot SegaCD' mode

* Added support for the (pretty useless) SF7000 floppy disk interface for

the SC3000 - you need the SF7000 IPL ROM for this to work

* SC3000 keyboard can now be enabled from the options menu

* A few sound tweaks

Regular scheduled programming will resume as soon as possible.

SSF Ver0.11 alpha R4

A-line 68000, F-line has not implemented exception handling correct.

Fixed SCSP sound generation process.

Fixed caching of SH2.

SH2 Fixed interrupt handling.

Fixed a rendering of VDP2.

State saves data changed version.
RetroCopy v0.720 Released

v0.720 - March 17th 2010

-[EMU] Improved speed by average 20% in all cores

-[EMU] Fixed issues with shadow/hilight mode, vertical scrolling, DMA bugs, sprite collision, aspect ratio and timing in the Genesis/Megadrive VDP

-[EMU] Cleaned up Sega Genesis / Megadrive state, reduced size of it by 600% (allowing more rewind per megabyte)

-[EMU] Fixed bug in 6button controller that stopped it working in some Genesis/Megadrive games [Sasha]

-[EMU] Fixed a few Genesis/Megadrive memory map issues [Eke]

-[EMU] Improved YM2612/Z80/VDP timing in Genesis/Megadrive (along with other fixes 98+% of all Genesis games work very good now)

-[EMU] Fixed slowdown bug when games read input ports too much (Legend of Galahad, Kawasaki, Aleste) [Sasha]

-[EMU] Fixed numerous bugs in YM2612 core (fixes Gynoug, Beavis and Butthead, Streets of Rage and a few other games with strange glitches) [Eke,Sasha]

-[EMU] Cleaned up Sega Master System, Game Gear, Sega-E and Nintendo states

-[EMU] Added "full display" option to Game Gear. Shows the full Game Gear frame which often has valid screen data.

-[EMU] Added native sampling to YM2413 FM chip (SMS)

-[EMU] Improved efficiency, accuracy and general cleanliness of SMSVDP (SMS, GG, SEGAE)

-[EMU] Improved NES sound filtering, now sample internally at over 240000Hz and then down sample for increased quality.

-[EMU] Fixed bug in Z80 LD R, A instruction

-[EMU] Implemented Z80 IM2 support

-[EMU] Added some config options to set frequency cutoffs and mixing levels of certain audio devices

-[SOUND] Added new high quality resampling engine with different settings for speed. Every sound chip now uses it.

-[SOUND] Added 3 band equalizer (using Linkwitz Riley 4th order) , low (bass boost), medium and high frequencies can now be amplified separately

-[SOUND] Added filtering option which is designed to simulate capacitors/resistors/etc that sound on real machines was filtered through

-[CORE] Added reset button which forces hard reset

-[CORE] Added automatic save states to all systems. Simply leave a game and resume it at any time at same point you left. Can also do manual saves

-[CORE] Added SSE2 optimizations throughout (now a requirement)

-[CORE] Added memory alignment functions for better multithreading performance of video/audio buffers

-[CORE] Upgraded to boost 1.42

-[CORE] Fixed bug that didn't recognize .SMD files for Genesis/Megadrive conversion [lolcano118]

-[GUI] Fixed bug that wasn't translating some keys correctly like the underscore [Pixel_Crusher, Entrax]

-[GUI] Added new slider control for volume/bass/etc adjustment
SSF Ver0.12 beta

The state saving data changed version.

Fixed a bug around the drawing.

BIOS fixes for the disk can be replaced at no.

Able to be muted in the recording.

VDP2 RAM Write Timing for a delay so that the display frame is checked.

There is usually a delay of two frames.

Established a sound option to set the volume.

The blaze ON / OFF option established a set.

SH2 established a number of options to set Rikonpairubaffasaizu block.

Established a option to set the emulation speed.

(translated with google)

Yabause 0.9.11


- Now using CMake as the default build system.

For now, autotools based build and "custom" build systems are still supported.

- New Cocoa port

- Added a dynamic recompiling SH2 core for x86 and ARM

- New SCSP implementation

- Major update of the software renderer from the yabause-rr team

- Added an option to allow to execute from the cache

- Improvements to the OpenGL renderer

carbon port:

- Improvements

gtk port:

- Added command line option to enable/disable frame skipping / limiting.

- Added frame skipping/limiting configuration in settings.

- Added --autoload command line option

- Vdp2 layers can be toggled from the Vdp2 debug window

psp port:

- Added support for Media Engine CPU

- Improvements to the PSP port

qt port:

- Added command line support

wii port:

- Merged some stuff from the wiibrew fork, mostly related to SH2 emulation

windows port:

- Fixed the XBox controller driver

- Fixed the "open iso then cancel bug"
Amon said:
Yabause 0.9.11

Big thanks to the yabause team


New DEmul from russian devs just got released!


* AICA: fixed sound

* CORE: added 7zip support for roms

* CORE: added mmu support for dynarec

* CORE: fixed maple timers

* CORE: fixed memcards in WinCE

* CORE: fixed save states

* CORE: new sh4/ppc cores, improvements, bugfixes

* CORE: removed redundant gpu/spu multi threading

* GDR: added support for filenames with spaces to GDI

* GDR: fixed gdrImage plugin

* GDR: fixed thread mode

* GDR: removed redundant gdrDemul plugin

* GPU: fixed DX3 z-buffer bug

* GPU: new DX11 plugin featured order-independency transparency, object list multi-layered render simulation, translucent modifiers, aspect ratio support with hotkeys, two-pass postfilters, texture conversion on the GPU

* GUI: new VMS manager merged with maple devices, menu rearranging

* MODEL3: added little improvements, still no sound, not a priority since supermodel is here [img]http://segaxtreme.net/forum/images/smilies2/wink.gif[/img]

* NAOMI: added M1/M2/M3/M4 decompression implementation, now all protections are emulated (thanks to Adnreas Naive, Deunan Knute, MAME and DU teams)

* NAOMI: added jvs standart touchscreen emulation (Touch De Uno! 2)

* NET: new proprietary network plugin added

* VMS: added default vms file to all ports

Download link:


Official announcement: http://forum.emu-russia.net/viewtopic.php?p=17280#p17280
Yabause 0.9.13, and 10 years !?!

December 15, 2013 • CyberWarriorX • Release, Site

So we’re back again with another big release! it also happens to be Yabause’s 10th anniversary this year(as of September) so more things to celebrate!

10 reasons to enjoy this version of Yabause:

Working Netlink emulation over LAN/internet
CD audio emulation fixes
Support for mdf/mds (version 1) dumps
GDB stub
Saturn mouse and 3D control pad
Awesome new SH2 debugging features
More user-friendly interface
At least 0.0.1 more than any previous version
And of course, better overall emulation

Also, if you want to help contribute to the cause, there’s plenty you can do, and it doesn’t even require programming knowledge!

We need Translators!
We need documentation improvements!
If that doesn’t suit you, how about a $10.10 donation to celebrate our 10th year?

Source : http://yabause.org/2013/12/15/yabause-0-9-13-and-10-years/
You guys should really post these as new threads so that they appear on the front page.

As an aside, we (IceDigger and I) should really get a download section going so we can host downloads for some of this stuff.