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Yabause 0.98

0.9.7 -> 0.9.8


- Fixed a bug in software renderer with rotating


opengl video core:

- Added gouraud shading and mesh processing.

This is not enabled by default.

software video core:

- Fixed user clipping.

gtk port:

- Added mouse support.

- Configuration dialog now displays key names instead

of values. Also made it so each different configuration

is saved. This broke compatibility with old .ini files.

windows port:

- Support for spaces in filenames when using CLI.

- Added mouse support.

- Added cheat search.


- Added mouse emulation.

- Added de, es, it, pt-br and sv translations

- Support for "out of src" build.

- Fixed compilation for non supported platforms.

For instance this should fix compilation on dragonfly bsd.

Fixed compilation on GNU/Hurd too.


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Fusion 3.6

* Fixed Sound/Timing Issue with Fahrenheit SCD/32X.

* Fixed a typo which corrupted a register in the YM2612 SSG/EG section.

* Removed a few pieces of test code that were not supposed to be left in, and affected timing of various things under certain conditions.

* LOTS of behind-the-scenes fixes and improvements, which I've totally forgotten, but you will notice them and remind me at some point ;-)

* Rewrote controller code, should fix problems with some USB controllers.

* Rewrote Menacer emulation which made it easier to add Konami Justifier emulation. Just the first Justifier is emulated for now. You'll definitely want to calibrate it in games that use it.

* Added SegaCD SaveStates that actually, you know, work.

* Added support for more games that use custom SRAM, and fixed some that were already emulated, but got broken at some point.

* Added support for all unlicensed Genesis games that I know of.

* Added support for the Sega Virtua Processor (SVP). Thanks to the reverse engineering work by the amazing Tasco Deluxe, and the proof of concept emulator by Notaz, I was able to write and debug my ASM core for this in just two days.

* Removed some filtering in YM2612 SuperHQ mode (you won't actually notice) and instead added a "Filter" option to the sound menu. This filter is very close to that in a real Model 1 Genesis/MegaDrive. Most people will want to leave this off (me included) but I know some people wanted it.

* Removed 11025Hz option. It was causing me problems, doesn't work well on most newish hardware, and sucked anyway.

* Added preliminary Sega Pico support. There's a lot more I plan to do with this. For now, just load as a Genesis ROM. Mouse is required for Pico, along with the following controls: START switches between StoryWare and trackpad, B is the pico red button, A and C turn pages, and U/D/L/R are, well, U/D/L/R.

* Added ability to create 128K SegaCD RAM carts to keep SpinelSun happy ;-)

* Added two controller sharing options for Netplay. Everybody can now share controller one, or all controllers. The latter isn't very useful, but why not.

* Added "Nearest Multiple" option to the Video Menu. The various Aspect modes do what they have always done when this option is enabled, but now when it is disabled, they will allow non-multiple stretching while still keeping the aspect ratio correct.

* Added "Use NTSC Aspect" option to the Video Menu. This used to be done automatically under certain conditions, now you have full control.

* Added Pause Emulation feature.

* Added Frame Advance feature.

* Added No Frame Skipping feature. You should pretty much ignore this and let Kega do what is best. But it does also trigger a special case mode when you have VSync enabled, and you hit Fast Forward. Normally, VSync is ignored during Fast Forward, or else Fast Forward wouldn't actually do very much. With No Frame Skipping enabled, it will still do VSyncs.

This might be useful to you if your video mode is running at some odd refresh rate. Note that the sound could well sound awful if you do this.

* Added AVI Logging using custom Kega Game Video 1 lossless codec. This is needed because logging RAW video causes poor performance even on highend machines, and using any of the available codecs either doesn't compress well enough to fix that, or does compress well enough, but can't keep up with 60fps, so you get poor performance either way. The codec is able to use hints from the emulator to aid in compression, allowing pretty good compression while taking very little CPU time. The codec to allow you to play back and convert the files is included in the archive, and can be installed via right clicking on the INI file and telling the OS to continue with the install. Tested on XP and Vista64, should work fine on 9x and Vista32.

Note that these AVI files are not really meant to be shared as they are, it's just a way for you to log video without horrible laggy gameplay.

Convert them to Xvid or something using the excellent VirtualDub program (Google it.) I'll open up this codec sometime later incase it's useful for other purposes/programs.

* Disabled BIOS use where possible during Netplay games, to prevent out of sync errors when people had different combinations of BIOS/NO BIOS/ Different BIOS.

* Netplay Games should now automatically change your country code to that of the host.

* Added Fast 32X Timing option. This is mainly for development. If you don't know what this is for, leave it disabled.

* Added CartBoot option, which is enabled via INI file only. Again, if you don't know what this is for, leave it disabled.

* Kega Fusion now runs beautifully under Vista.

Source : http://www.eidolons-inn.net/tiki-index.php?page=Kega


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yabause 0.9.8-1 windows bugfix

All other platforms are not concerned.

Turns out there was a rather nasty bug in the windows port in the last release. If after setting up Yabause for the first time, you exited, reloaded Yabause, then went into the Settings, it would crash. So I fixed the bug and uploaded a new version to the download page which fixes this issue. So yeah, if you ran into this problem, please try downloading the new version.
Get it here:



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Makaron T11/1 is out.

Now, pay attention:

* It's only the Dreamcast version for now.

* It has been compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ so you might need to install the runtime libraries to get it to work. It's only 4MB and you can download it from Microsoft.

* Hit F8 to exit the emulator at any time

* You can now use Pause/Break key to pause/resume the emulation

Minimum hardware requirements have also changed:

* Processor must have SSE support

* Graphics card must be at least Shader Model 2.0 compatible



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Kega Fusion 3.61

Various fixes for problems found in the last version, plus a couple of extras:

* Moved menus around a bit - the Country and CD Drive menus are now part of the Options menu. This fixes problems with the old menus not fitting properly in 320x240 mode, and is also a bit less cluttered.

* Timing was out by a small amount after I removed test code. It should now be back to where it was supposed to be, removing minor glitches from a few games.

* Problems with Vista-specific code reported by a few people should now be fixed. Please report any problems with this as soon as possible.

* Windowed VSync is not required, or desired, under Vista. Fusion now will default to ignoring the VSync flag when running windowed in Vista. There is an INI file option to re-enable it just incase this causes problems for anyone.

* Vista-specific code can also be disabled via another INI file option, incase this causes problems, or you're trying to run Fusion under Wine, Darwine, or Crossover.

* Sound effects in Primal Rage 32X are working again.

* AVI output now should not affect what you see on screen.

* Screenshot options - you can now select to save screenshots at various stages. Final is what you'd get from earlier versions, Corrected is non filtered but aspect corrected, and raw is not aspect corrected.

* Minor modifications to Render Plugin stuff.

* Upped the number of Render Plugins again, to 48. Please don't ask for any more, there isn't, and probably never will be, anything like 48 different plugins that are actually worth bothering with ;)

* Modifications to Full Screen Resolution after noticing that default resolutions for large widescreen monitors were sometimes not appearing in the list. Should be fine now.

* A few more behind-the-scenes fixes.

Merry Christmas.

Source : http://www.eidolons-inn.net/tiki-index.php?page=Kega


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Gens32 Surreal v1.80 Std

1)Rewrite Gens32 Filter I.

2)Rewrite Gens32 Filter II.

3)Update YM2612 stuff.Adjust for 114db playback.

4)Update mouse driver system,buildin 4 drivers.

They are Lethal Enforcers,Lethal Enforcers II, Dune2, Cannon Fodder.

you can check out mouse.txt for more details.

5)Try to fix DAC sound.


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SSF Ver0.10 prototype R2

A bus error, an address error and double bus error processing were added to 68000 emulators.

Reading processing of a CD was corrected.

The version of State save data changed.

The defect by which setting of VDP2 Multi Thread isn't reflected was corrected.

The option as which the number of drawing threads of VDP2 is set was set up.

The option which makes sure that I'll write notes in VDP2RAM every Rhine was set up.

I have the effect on The Tower.


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Yabause 0.99

0.9.8 -> 0.9.9

opengl video core:

- Fixed a bug that was causing some games to crash (albert odyssey, dragon ball, etc.)

gtk port:

- Automatic detection of current locale.

qt port:

- Added support of DESTDIR and --program-prefix

- Automatic detection of current locale.

- Added support for multiple players.

windows port:

- Fixed crash when going into settings.

- Fixed mouse wheel usage in disassembler.

- Rewrote as an unicode application.

- Fixed the key configuration problem.

- Fixed joypad support.

- Partial fix for mouse wheel and slider problem.

- Fixed fullscreen bug.


- Hooks for renaming .desktop on installation.

- .yts file are now installed.

- Fixed parallel builds.

- SDL peripheral core now handles all connected



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CrabEmu 0.1.9 Released

I've been sitting on this release a bit longer than I would've liked to, so I decided it would be a good time to just release it. This new release of CrabEmu adds a Qt "port" (and support for Linux) along with many other changes to the emulation. Here's a high-level overview of what exactly has changed in CrabEmu 0.1.9:

* Added Linux/Qt "port" of CrabEmu.

* Fix a lot of cycle counting issues in CrabZ80.

* Added support for the SMS VDP's H-Counter.

* Added support for utilizing a BIOS ROM with SMS and Game Gear emulation (also, added a BIOS replacement).

* Allow an arbitrarily sized view on the Mac OS X version.

* Added fullscreen mode on Mac OS X.

* Added a screenshot function.

* Fixed saving of many different preferences on the Mac OS X version.

* Added support for Joysticks/Game Pads on the Mac OS X version.

* Added support for the IO Control and Memory Control registers on the SMS.

Enjoy the release and please report any bugs that you may happen to find.



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SSF Ver0.10 alpha R2

Fixed the memory access process.

SH2 was modified to handle the DMA.

SMPC was modified to handle the clock change.

VDP2 Fixed a rendering of the plane of rotation.

BIOS emulating processing was corrected.

State data saved version has changed.

With the modification of SH2 DMA process, DMA established a similar option to the actual behavior.


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DEmul 0.5.3 WIP


- vertical shooters screen rotate

- screen filter shaders similar to Pete OGL2 plugins (find examples at gpu)

- spu sync and buffer options

- added all NAOMI/NAOMI2 dumps (not tested at all)

- autosave SRAM/EEPROM settings

- FLASH file autocreation

- fixed sound in most arcade games

- added multiple ROM path support


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SSF Ver0.10 alpha R3

Fixed the memory access process.

Processing of SCSP was corrected PCM generated.

FM processing of SCSP was corrected.

BIOS emulating processing was corrected.

State data saved version has changed.

Fixed a bug that does not reflect changes immediately after the key set of connected devices in the controller settings.

Established a treatment option to a thread generated by the sound.

Until now have been generated in another thread, when you get the timing generated by the main thread (especially streaming).

It is slightly heavier in the formation of the main thread.


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Yabause 0.9.10

0.9.9 -> 0.9.10

software video core:

- Added line scroll emulation.

- Improved user clipping.

- Added some basic vertical scroll emulation, enough to get

Sonic Jam working.

gtk port

- Gtk port is now compiling on Mac OS X.

- Fixed full software screenshots.

- Fixed store function in transfer dialog.

windows port:

- Added 12 player support.

- Fixed a bug that was causing the memory transfer dialog

to register the wrong filename after pressing "Browse".

- Fixed bugs in Goto Address dialog.

- Fixed a bug that was causing the vdp2 viewer dialog

to register the wrong filename after pressing "Browse".

- Added MD saving in SCU DSP debug dialog.

- Added new Ram Watch dialog.

- Added video recording feature.

- Added move recording feature.


- Added Lithuanian translation.

- New sound core using OpenAL.

- Added joystick core for Mac OS X.

- Added a joystick core for Linux.

- Added a PSP port.

- Added support for loading ELF binaries.

- Now using gettimeofday when available for better resolution.

- Added code to make SCSP emulation frame-accurate (optional,

enabled with --enable-scsp-frame-accurate configure switch).

- Added a new 68000 emulation core.

- Fixed save states.


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version 3.1 (7/1/09)

- added various fixes to the vdp, including horizontal sprite zooming [benryves]

- added 3d disabling for games that are supposed to use the segascope 3d glasses [olaf]

- added dx7vb.dll to the source's zip for compiling on windows 7 [olaf]

- added the load rom shortcut key in full screen mode [olaf]

- added a compatibility hack for '[bios] alex kidd in miracle world (korea)' [olaf]

- added slow motion throttles (50%, 25%, 12%, 6%, and 3%) [olaf]

- added rewinding (works with movie states and saves at an interval of 1 second) [olaf]

- added 'reset and record' option for movie states [olaf]

- added a play time pop up window to the end of movie playback [olaf]

- added resuming recording from a save state [olaf]

- removed a bug in handling of game gear rom filenames [olaf]

- removed the disabling of gg's border [olaf]

- removed the gg's start button in sms mode and removed sms's pause button in gg mode [olaf]

- removed the sms's second input in gg mode [olaf]

- removed a bug with rapid fire in gg mode [olaf]

- removed a bug that did not allow pc gamepad input during movie recording [olaf]

- removed the sms's region code in gg mode [olaf]

- removed the bugs in the z80 core which now allow vbsms+ to pass the zexall test [brom]

- removed a bug when you tried to play a movie while already recording [olaf]

- removed a bug where movie states were using the save state slot number [olaf]

- removed avi recording (there was no sound and i never planned on working on it) [olaf]

- changed some sound code around and now it sounds better [brom]

- changed default window size to 2x and default full screen size to 640x480 [olaf]

- changed the region submenu around (now with proper pal/ntsc modes too) [olaf]

- changed the gg to its proper speed (always ntsc mode) [olaf]

- changed some other menus/submenus around [olaf]

- changed "fast forwarding" to 'no throttle' [olaf]

- changed sprite limiting to enabled by default for the sake of accuracy [olaf]

- changed 'rapid fire unit' to 'rapid fire' since there was no rfu for gg [olaf]

- changed movie states to overwrite if there's already a movie state on the slot [olaf]



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SSF Ver0.10 alpha R4

Not much changes.

Processing of SCSP was corrected PCM generated.

Fixed a rendering of VDP1.

Densha de GO! EX I now work.

State data saved version has changed.


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SSF Ver0.10 beta Type2

The check-up does not work out.

VDP2 Fixed a rendering of the plane of rotation.

Fixed menu item did not work.

Established the option to not switch the resolution at full screen.

Fixed a bug in the checking of the analog input configuration dialog key.

The exclusion process is complete when the resolution was modified to change the no.

Changed the BIOS emulation program.

State data saved version has changed.


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Gens32 Surreal v1.86 Recall

1)Rewrite Super TV Filter.make it more like some TV set.

2)Rewrite Gens32 Filter IV.

3)Adjust sounds,try to make it more like real hardware.

4)Add a noise effect while reading SEGA CD.Since I don't

have the hardware yet,I got it from my Sony WALKMAN...

5)Remove soundrate stuff.

6)Remove OpenGL stuff,since it's so hard to got a SDK.


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SSF Ver0.10 beta R1

Fixed CD Block.

SCU interrupt handling fixed.

Single CPU Apuriera Fixed a bug that occurs when you start the machine.

State saves data changed version.


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Gens/GS r7 S2HD Edition

Announcing Gens/GS r7 S2HD Edition! This is a special edition of Gens/GS designed to run the classic Sega Genesis game "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" (and "Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic the Hedgehog 2") in High Definition.

Features in Gens/GS r7 S2HD Edition:

High-definition graphics!

Five different HD modes: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p.

Optional HD Realism Filter and Lens Flare effects. (Provided by Sonic65.)

Audio Reverb.

Minimum System Requirements:

Dual-core Intel Core Duo, 2.00 GHz


ATI or nVidia video card with 256 MB video memory.

Pixel Shader 2.0

HDTV capable of 720p

Recommended System Requirements:

Quad-core Intel Core i7, 2.00 GHz


ATI or nVidia video card with 512 MB video memory.

Pixel Shader 2.0

HDTV capable of 1080p


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Kega Fusion v3.62

Whats New ?


Not much, mainly just a few tweaks and minor bugfixes.

* Seperate SMS controls (finally) allowing for support of SMS Paddles and

Light Phasers. The reason I haven't done this before is down to the UI.

I don't much like the current solution, either, but it's functional for


* State Slots now report if they are already in use, by request.

* Allow changing state slots, and saving states (but not loading) during

Netplay. I'm not sure what use this is, but it was often requested.

* Added support for a couple of Custom SRAM games that were recently


* Windows Live Messenger status updates. (thanks Gerrie!)

* Many small behind the scenes bugfixes that you probably won't notice, and

I've mostly forgotten...