Ok, well, Chrono Cross is working very slow for me. I was just wondering what plug-ins are best to use with a crappy Intel video card that came with my Gateway about a year and a half ago? Also, video sound for Medal of Honor is farked. Any help is appreciated!
epsxe? That's a god awful program. It emulates near flawlessly, but the set up is just so damn anoying. But can't complain when you got a portable psx for free (laptop). the best i can tell you is that you gotta toy with it. Just play around with settings. that's what i did.

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epsxe rox! don't know thoug how it worx on laptops! but u should try the following plugins:

GPU: pepops (pete's open source software plugin)

pete's DirectX 6 plugin (I thing that this is good 4 old


SPU: internal ePSXe plugin

CD-ROM: pete's cd-rom plugin...

but since chrono trigger is a 2d game (if I am correct) u should try the pepops plugin first...

also take a look at Connectix VGS, it run 100% speed on my old K6-333Mhz with a 8MB S3 card...