Erosion of gamers – Why SX is starting to suck.

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Originally posted by CHE@June 13 2002,10:38

Maybe are you exaggerating the situation ?? ( Vamos, que tampoco será pa tanto

No, I'm not exaggerating. (solo estuvo en venta por 3 meses)
So I have only 3 options:

a) quit playing games

spend all of my money (and others' money too) in the games I want, even knowing NONE of that money goes to the people who made that game

c) Ignore the legal details behind the issue and make copies of the games for myself.

You forget options d and e, Prostitution and Illicit drug trafficing, you'd do it if you really loved your system!
Originally posted by Subura@June 13 2002,13:24

You forget options d and e, Prostitution and Illicit drug trafficing, you'd do it if you really loved your system!

Bah, he would buy something else
lol, a self-analyzed post :p

Anyway, even not being around as long, and as often as most people, I think that the real reason behind the request ban is to keep the amount of leechers and lamers at bearable levels.

Free stuff, whether legal or not, do attracts lots of people. Just think the chaos this place would be if people that, bored after dowloading every PC, PSX, N64 and DC game in the existance, now head into other things to leech.

I'm somewhat part of, former perfect-zero, former chupamedia, former, a site with the initial purpose of serving sega games' MP3s and videos. It got broader and now has 40GB+ worth of MP3s for several systems.

The leeching levels in that site reached insane levels in the past (one of the causes of the several domain changes). Restritions HAD to be put, or the chaos would take place.

Also, banning ISO/ROM requests forces people to actually LOOK for them, intead of being lazy bitches. Maybe they'll see those files with some value, if they require a certain effort to get (Lunar 2, my first Saturn download, took me 2 weeks to donwload -during the freediskspace era and using 56k- and I have a high emotional link to that CDR. The nights without sleep, monitoring the download... memories).


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Jesus H Christ.. If it was as easy in Europe to find Saturn games as in some other countries, you wouldn't stay up day and night downloading them when you could just go to a shop and buy one. I know I wouldn't (and don't, on the rare occasions when I can find something Saturn related). Most of the games I downloaded from here I have bought or tried to buy, the ridiculous excepted (Radiant Silvergun etc). You're sounding very bitter indeed here, SX to me breathes new life into old systems which will be forgotten about without places like this. I'm sure Sega doesn't want their history forgotten.. Nor would they probably want to persecute people for playing the games which they have no other reasonable means of being able to play at the given moment that they download it.

In all honesty, the reason I first came to SX was the fact that it contained the word 'Sega' and the forums were a pretty active place to discuss the games that I like to play, plus the fact that this is a very friendly place to be compared with most sites (constant current bitching aside). If that changed, I'd leave. I wouldn't sit around and moan about it all day, it's not my site to mould the way I want it. If I thought I could do things any better I'd go set up a site somewhere else. If you've got such a problem, maybe that's what you should do too.


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Same here. The last time I downloaded a Sega CD game off of an FTP, was March 18th. I haven't downloadeding any SCD or Saturn since (I haven't been downloading Saturn since January. I think, either that or early February).


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So, why was Skank de-modded/moted?

I've been here a while, but I disappeared and came back after almost a year. In that time a lot of people came and a lot left (most of the people I 'recognize', ie Dman97, Rev, etc.) but what I noticed is this:

I truly think the group here, now care a lot more about games and sega than in the past. I think the people who populate the general forum are much more varied in location, background, interests, etc. - it reflects in the types of posts. They raise a lot more interesting questions / points. Finally, I think they're much more eloquent in presenting opinions.

So, I don't really think there's a retrograde movement. But I never visit the FTPs, so I don't know what's happening in there. But I do think that without the FTP section the community wouldn't be as viable as it currently is.

And all that stuff in the past could very have something to do with the member system.

But that's just my opinion.

Oh and as far as the game help goes, I usually go to gamefaqs for help.
It was a great help for Dark Savior... back... almost two years ago? Jeez....


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Yeah, once you've seen Gamefaqs, you need never ask a question again..

There should be a 'Lifefaqs' or 'Lovefaqs' to go with it
I came here last year, reg'd but left that email an thus that nick so i reg'd again. Came initialy cause it was a group of sega people, and saturn iso's were here. didn't have a saturn at the time so dl'in em wasn't of a big concern. Gotten a saturn, a fair collection. I don't visit the ftp part much these days, I stay for the discussion. Btw can someone do somthing about unbanning me from irc, not sure why I am banned either. I think that shankin guy did it while pissed or somthin. Thanks


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Interesting that the first post Mal mentioned also sees Cecilia claiming to have enough pirated stuff to open a store, when she was also clamouring for SX to stop the FTPs. Guess it's easy to want to stop things being accessable to others when you already have them all yourself.
Im the one who posed the argument that Pirate material be removed from SX, and I hope people understand I appreciate all the constructive conversation. Now, im sure in all fairness each side has quite valid points.

In such a case, why dosn't SX simply move the "pirating/how to copy" aspects to a seperate webspace or host and refer each site to each other? That sounds like a pretty good compromise. This way, people can still do what they like, but since SX is divided into two modules, you don't get all the cross talk. Newbies flooding the other boards asking about FTPs and where to download ISOs would be contained in the other side of SX while the rest of the normal topics would be in the litespeedcomputer side. In addition, you could further delegate some people to moderate and handle the "FTP/how to burn/Mod" side and this should remove all the extra mail admins keep getting about how to do things or where to get them.
Sup All,

I haven't really been around here for a long time, but it seems to me that splitting up the diffrent sides of SX is a pretty good idea! Keeps newbie leechs on the one side, and when they grow up they can come join the real conversations. And if they don't grow up and pirate warez all day, they stay in their own side. Plus it would free all the bandwith from Litespeedcomputers since Iceman must pay a hell of money for it!


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And why don't we, the members (not the owners) of this place stop trying to decide what's best for it? Like I said, if you don't like the way SX is now, go start your 'mirror' web page with everyone else who feels the same way, instead of asking others to fork out for new webspace just so you don't get your ears poisoned with some fool asking for an ISO every now and again.

Sorry for being blunt, but things were starting to be OK around here again after all that hacking tension and now this. It just seems so unnecessary.
In reply to Mynames post at top of page:

It could give the impression that one is trying to make ones own collection of such items all the more unique and elite. But then it's probably just that many of us are very tired of this same topic again and again. It's really all about semantics. But who cares what you call it. It's there and part of the gaming scene and if it's not to your liking then don't participate in it. Keep on doing what many of you have stated you have been doing and just ignore that section of the board. This is not a democracy, ie we don't make the rules. We agree to them as part of our participation. So what if you don't think they're just. Either live with it or go elsewhere. Not all laws in society make sense, but we obey them or pay the consequences, whatever they may be. The same rule applies here. And as the old adage states, ignorance is no excuse. Why anyone would stupidly break a rule of the board like asking gor isos or roms, when every forum clearly states this is not allowed, is beyond comprehension. And doing it just to be rebelious only makes one look extremely foolish. If you really do want to change this so called discrepancy, then proof your worth to the admins and when there is an opening for one, apply for it. You still risk a ban, but you may also find a diplomatic way to resolve the issue.


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Originally posted by falstaff@June 14 2002,04:15

In reply to Mynames post at top of page:

It could give the impression that one is trying to make ones own collection of such items all the more unique and elite. But then it's probably just that many of us are very tired of this same topic again and again.

It's just hard to stomach someone condemning piracy when they earlier showed off their collection of pirated material.

Warning!! Bad analogy coming up:

I have a strange second name, and it severely pisses me off that every time I say it I have to immediately spell it out. But I don't sit at home and think that everyone who pisses me off by REPEATING THE SAME QUESTION CONSTANTLY should start up another world somewhere because I'm sick and tired of listening to them. That's because it's one of those things that can't be helped and besides, I like having an unusual second name. These things have their good points and bad points.

The point (there is one?) is that the sharing of hard-to-find games is an immensely important part of this community and if seeing the odd ISO request (which you don't even have to read) is the price to pay, then bring it on.
I spell the abreviated form of my first name Zac but everyone insists on spelling it like Zach or Zack or even Zak. hardly anyone spells it the way i want it but i don't get mad i like to be different. and i used to be a wild leecher several gigs in one day. but now i just like to hang and chat with everyone and piracy boohoo on that this is abandonware nothin more nothin less sega prolly knows about this site and they prolly don't give a damn since we don't condone iso trading of any games for systems which companies still make money offa dem.
Trent you post that why dont we label SX as abandonware site for retro systems and all that? Well Week ago I talked to Ice, SX admins are getting together to make a "About SX" page on this to FINALLY put in writting the history and what SX is.

Also Trent, May I ask if you use P2P programs? Mp3 programs? Just curious.

Also last point, you ask for sections to be moved to a mirror, Why? SX has it, I mean if we WANTED to be a "good" "innocent" site wed take it ALL down. =P I mean nothing wrong with burning cds... I mean I imaged ripped my VAY, Pop mail, Lunar cds so I could back them up, MAN were they scracthed. So others here may wish to know this info. OR do like I do, I put my cds in iso format so I can fit MANY Scd on ONE cd to play. This way my real ones are safe.

In europe Sega Cd was ALWAYS like "huh?" Saturn is sorta known, DC hardly sells. Only thing here is PSX mostly, Not even the N64 made it that big. If I was back in USA id have all my systems and then goto EB about 2 times a week!

So all asking about Abandonware, its not so much after 5 years... its more like games that compaines "Abandon" and you cant find anymore. Scd is like the C64... Old religion, ALOT of SCD games made sequals to other systems. Well the new generations of players want to PLAY "Shining Force" in the old way, others want to study WHY people liked SCD. I mean C64... Had PLENTY of damn good games and STILL are good! M.U.L.E is one of them and EVERYONE (or should) knows that game!

Now SX has no control over ftps. Not even me. I just allow a "control" over good ftps. Tell users who is a good stable host. What they host I dont know, SX just makes sure they dont post non retro.

Anyways hope that covers somethings.
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