Errmm.. hello, and what the hell?

Howdy! I've been looking for a decent enough forum that has Saturn fans, and I think this place may just be it. :D Man, I love my Saturn... and ermm.. what's this about programming your own games on the Saturn? Sorry of there is already a topic about this placed somewhere, but hey, I'm a newbie, it's my right to be a dumb ass for the first few (thousand) posts. And ermm.. how do I make games on it? I have a thing for the PC called RPG maker 2000 (RM2K) that lets ya make SNES style RPGs, is it something like that? Tell me evereything you got please, it sounds awesome!
Heh well now... it's a little more complicated than that. I got the impression that you probably need to know a fair amount of C (possibly ASM?) to even get started. If making Saturn games was easy, we'd have people doing it long ago. :p dont take it personally if you get a few nasty remarks, I'm sure you'll fit in well here, nice to have you aboard. Snyderman out!
Heh, yeah, I was secretly hoping that for some bizarre reason is was dead easy.. ah well... C++ seems mental when looking at it compared to that RM2K program I mentioned earlier, that's just really like "I'll place a shop here... *click* and a talking dog armed with a sword here..*click*"
There's a "make your own shooter" program that goes by the name of Dezaemon 2 (I probably misspelled that just now :)), but I heard it requires the use of a direct-save memory card (i.e. not the 4/5/100-in-1 cart kind, which you can only access by copying internal saves to/from it) because the Saturn's internal save RAM isn't big enough to save a game you create. There's also supposed to be some kind of BASIC system for Saturn, but I don't know much about that; I've only seen pictures.

Edit: also, with regards to C, it's not actually that hard, but most tutorials I've seen start teaching the standard C library (which is pretty much useless for Saturn) before they even teach a good grasp of the language itself. I probably went through 3 or 4 books/large tutorials before I found one that really got me to understand the language...

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Hey Lil Twisted Monkey.

Don't feel too bad about making stupid posts... you're not the only one! (---->:) ) I never even considered making my own rpg's (practically the only type of game I play), so your post was really cool to me. I know C++, so maybe I can break it down and start doing some stuff around here - like finding ways to make Saturn games.

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!