Evangelion 1 and 2

I recently purchased evangelion one and two for saturn. Since I have no st-key or action replay, I rip my import games and patch them with the country converter. heres the problem though when I make a bin/cue and patch it, cdrwin, nero and blindwrite all reject the cue sheet, the games structure is very odd compaired to must saturn games as track one and two are both data tracks with the first one being mode 1 and the second one being mode 2 and then 3 audio tracks after. I have checked the cue sheet and have seen nothing wrong, I was just wondering if anyone has had any luck making an image of this game and patching it and allowed them to burn and it worked? Oh I also tried fireburner and clone cd. Clone cd looked like it worked, the .img said it patched ok but when I tried to play it, it was obvious it do not. oh and here is what the cue sheet looks like


TRACK 01 MODE1/2352

INDEX 01 00:00:00

TRACK 02 MODE2/2352

PREGAP 00:03:00

INDEX 01 01:03:02


PREGAP 00:02:00

INDEX 01 56:59:05


INDEX 00 57:03:05

INDEX 01 57:05:05


INDEX 00 59:36:23

INDEX 01 59:38:23

If anyone has done this and gotten it to work please help


humm the first line:


should be:


or even better:


another thing is that you should have ripped it with RAW MODE OFF! as saturn coutry converter causes some probs when patching raw files... only with a few burners though....
well what do u call a copy-protected game... a game that can't be copied or a game which copies can't be booted up??

As far as I know no Saturn Game is copy protected... what happens is that you need to use a modboard or perform the swap trick to be able to play it...
Well I know now that
I been doing the swap for years now, but this game refuses to burn its really werid, I mean I got my LUNAR SSS at the same time as the eva games and lunar worked great.
well if I use clone cd, I get the tipical, this disc is not suitable for this machine or whatever, meaning the country didn't patch like it said it did. If I use cdrwin and make a bin/cue when I go to burn again the file is rejected, saying it cann't burn at dao, thou I know it can cus everything else works fine. SO then I tried using bin chunker and making two iso's and wav files, well it seems that the second iso is currupt or unknown type, cus it will not open in win rar, where the first iso will, So I made a cue sheet for those and still the same error with every burning program that does bin/cue. when using disc juggler, it said track two had bad sectors and tried to make dummer files for it, this didn't work either. so this is what makes me believe the game has some kinda protection on it, and it can't be the discs cus the game was bran new

and scratch free. it is very odd
As I said before I don't know any Saturn copy protected game...

Do you have your saturn modded?????

If you do:

To start of with: "DISC UNSUITABLE FOR..." is the message that appears when saturn doesn't detect the disc as having a saturn cd structure... If the message is: "GAME DISC UNSUITABLE FOR..." in these case saturn was able to read the copy protection region on the cd (or the modboard validated the cd) but failed to boot up the game because of it having a wrong country code...

You should re-rip it again with CDRWIN in bin+cue format, with RAW MODE NOT SELECTED!!!

Then just open the bin with saturn coutry converter patch it and try...
but does saturn tries to read the protection ring???

or it just goes to the bios screen and displays that "DISC UNSUITABLE blah blah" message?
well I put the burned eva game in, then swap with an original game, then put burned eva game in, when the game should boot up, the acess light just flashes acouple of times and sends me to the bios this game is unsuitable blah blah blah. I am doing the swap right because I have been doing this for years, that and lunar and all my other burned games boot fine

Two things for u to try:

1 - Put the burned cd on your pc, then open cdrwin and go to "Sector Viewer" then read the first sector (sector 0) if it shows up, you should be able to track down the country code (just to make sure it is well burned) ... If it gives u an error reading this sector, then satconv just screwed the bin when it patched it...

2 - If sector 0 can be read (and you find the country code in the cdrwin's sector hex viewer, matching your console's region) just try this method of swapping:

- Insert the copied cd, then turn on the console

- Press A on 1st pad

- When the copied cd has stopped (on cd-player) swap the backup for an original game.

- Press RESET, then the saturn would read the ring, and then just re-insert the copied cd again.

This method is slower but it's 100% accurate...

(some games refused to work with the usual "double swap" method, when I swapped)