Expansion Pak - List of Games


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Does anyone know where I can get a list of EVERY game that takes advantage of the Expansion Pak? I have a few of the games:

Madden 2000
Turok 2
NBA Courtside 2

Does Jet Force Gemini use it? Wrestlemania 2000?

I checked GameFAQS, and did a search on Google. Didn't have much luck. I would like a list of EVERY game that supports it.
I can't help you with a complete list... but I'm sure the following titles support it:

Majora's Mask
Perfect Dark
Episode 1: Racer
Naboo Fighter
Rogue Squadron
Pokémon Stadium Gold & Silver (I think)
Are there games that use the expansion pak as an "option?"
I think I remember 007 or somthin' that allowed you to change the details from "low" to "High" . . am I right?

I wonder which games require it, and which . . if any . . use it optionally?
The only ones that I know that are optional are Perfect Dark (its required for single player), Rogue Squadron, Turok 2 and Pod Racer.

I'm sure there are others, but those are the ones that I'm aware of.
most games it was an option...I believe perfect dark needed it to access the full game and DK64 needed it to even boot. All other games I believe it was optional...I dont know what all it added for each game but for most it was just a lil sharper graphics.
Perfect dark is nothing without the expansion pack, you can only play multiplayer with very limited options without it.

Excitebike has a higher resolution option when the expansion pack is plugged in. There is definitely a noticable difference between the 2 modes.

I got the Donkey Kong 64 with included expansion pack in order to save money... not that I really saved as I ended up with DK64. That game got real reptitive fast, I trudged through it for a bit until I finally realized that it wasn't going to get better.
Me and my buddys used to play golden eye (on a very small 15" tv :blink: try doing that! :lol: ) in 4 player mode all the the time no need for that even perfect dark does not need the expansion pak for multi player. I think there was 007 like the ones in PSX but I don´t know if more 007 games came out on N64.
Another thing that uses the Expantion Pak is the Gameshark version 3.0 and higher. It uses it to let you create your own codes.
The expansion pak is required for Majora's Mask, as well as DK64. I think these were the only "required" games.

Several other games just used it for resolution and texture enhancements. Perfect Dark required it for several modes of play.