Experiment #1: Dummy padding Saturn games


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By the time they perfect this cinepak deal they'll have spent more in blank CD's than buying a $30 MPEG card for their saturn


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well I'd like to buy a Saturn VCD Card... but... I'm from Canada... so $30 US is more like $60 CAN to me... but I'm just playing with this Cinepak stuff for fun... I don't plan to encode all my movies to this format... I just wanted to see if it could be done...

BTW... I figured out what the problem with the audio being off... was that when I tried chaneing the frame rate..for some reason.. the 2:45 clip would get shorten to 2:15... I dunno it this is a problem with VirtualDub or not..


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Ah yes, that's a virtual dub problem. changing the framerate really screws up your audio. There's a way to get around that but it's been a little while since I used Vdub.

And actually I live 15 mins fromt he canadian border. $30 USD is more like $45 Canadian
I'm well aware of the exchange rate because I regularly go shop in Canada as things are much cheaper ont he other side of th eborder


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Originally posted by Cecilia Chen@May 26 2002,23:51

OR.... you could just get a VCD card which does all this, and more, better!
By that, do you mean the VCD card can play CPK movies?

As for the audio problem, try this:

Using VirtualDub, encode your Cinepak AVI file with the frame rate adjustment but without audio by choosing "No audio" under the "Audio" menu.

Then open the encoded Cinepak AVI file with VirtualDub. Under the "Video" menu, choose "Direct stream copy". Under the "Audio" menu, choose "WAV Audio...".

Cecilia Chen

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No, I mean the VCD card plays far better video, on standard CDs you can buy at stores
Which also will work in most DVDs as well!


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Standard video you can buy in CHINESE stores
I have quite a collection of VCDs but let me remind you that aside from China and Japan most everything is on VHS instead of VCD