Favourite game music

After Burner 2 (arrange) (rock)

Dracula Battle Perfect Series (ROCK!)

Dracula X Remixies (techno)

Dracula New Classic (classic)

Capcom VS SNK (cool street fighting techno)

Chrono Trigger/Cross (classic?)

Gran Turismo 2 (jap) (rock, jazz, blues)

Rockman games (varied)

Sega Rally Championship (rock)

Sega TouringCar Championship (techno)

The King of Fighters (VERY varied, rock, techno, jazz)

Thunder Force V (techno-rock)

TOCA (racing game) (techno)

Trick Style (techno)

Xenogears (classic? celtic?)

and many many more...
I had a long explanation of how a games music becomes classic to me, but I accidently closed out my browser :( , So here is just a simle list of games that I truly enjoyed the music from:

1. Panzer Dragoon Saga

2. Panzer Dragoon Zwei

3. Final Fantasy 8

4. Final Fantasy 7

5. Final Fantasy 3 (not 6, its music sounded terrable on the psx)

6. Chrono Trigger

7. Wild Arms (The game was dull, but the tunes were dead on)

8. Thousand Arms (Loved the intro Music)

9. Soul Blazer (My first RPG, such good memories)

10. Sonic R (Some hate the tunes, some love em, Im one of the people that love em :) )

Oops, almost forgot about Grandia 2. That game was sooo good, the tuns fit perfectly. I think ill beat it again, just so as to relive the memories of the first DC game I bought :)

(Edited by Fabrizo at 8:30 pm on Oct. 13, 2001)
Final Fantasy has good music .. Sonic has cool music too .. Panzer Dragon Saga too .. i cant think of anything else in the moment ..
Thing is though, neather of those pages links work very often. The music sections servers have been having problems from what I have heard.
Yeah your right .. its been more than a week or something .. i am glad i managed to download everything before everything went down ..

( I mean everything i need, not the whole section )