Favourite game music

I have a bunch of mp3's on my comp from "Castlevania : Symphony of the Night", that games soudtrack rocks! Easly the best out of all the castlevanias.
Sega Genesis:

*Thunder Force IV (MAN, I was bangin' my head all over the place and bangin' on da steering wheel like a madman when I was listening to the Stage 8 music in my car while driving in heavy traffic!!!)

---Some of the heavy metal tunes sound like an overdriven local rock station, while the jazzy tunes are calming and soothing.

*Streets of Rage series (I frequently have this music full blast when driving in heavy traffic in the city)

---Dance music, my favorite style of music. 'nuff said.

*Rolling Thunder 3 (I really enjoy cruising down country roads listening to the music from this game)

---Great-sounding jazz/rock style tunes, which are very memorable

TurboGrafx 16/PC Engine:

*Fighting Run

---Great jazz/rock/pop style tunes

*Neutopia series

---Nice, catchy tunes

*Soldier Blade

---Excellent sound quality for the TG-16

Super NES:

*Chrono Trigger

---Super NES music at its best!!!

*Final Fantasy series

---Symphony-orchestra quality music on the SNES

*Space Megaforce

---Nice, laid-back house music

There are many other games on each of those systems with great music as well.

Robby Coker's overall preferable system for video game music is



I have over 20 CDs of Sega Genesis music that I have recorded from my Sega Genesis console and got from this site. I try to listen to Genesis music every opportunity I drive. But I can't listen to it when my sister is in the car because she hates Genesis music. URGH!!

I have thousands of Sega Genesis music mp3's as well. And a lot of TG-16/PCE .HES music files (similar to .nsf nes music files). And thousands of SNES .SPC music files.

Heck, I even listen to Sega Genesis, TG-16/PCE, and SNES music on my discman while walking around the mall on many occasions. I must be starting a video game music fad or something.
Genesis music is nothing more then techno made for games. If you like genesis music, then you probably will like all forms of techno to.
Genesis is mostly reliant on FM synthesis but uses some samples also such as drums, cymbals, and other percussive sounds in the music at times. From my experience, Techno/Pop/Rock are the more dominant styles of music on the Sega Genesis while classical and symphonic orchestral music are the more dominant styles on the SNES due to its ability to use real instrument samples in the music as shown in RPG's and other games. However, the Genesis is still ok at classical and orchestral music as proven by Shining Force 2, Landstalker, Light Crusader, etc. (if the FM is programmed well).

Someone once said that he thought wavetable synthesis was being used when he heard the music on Shining Force on the Genesis.
Personaly I never liked the genesis for sound. I thought that its sound sucked, its color palet sucked, but some of its games were fun. I have never played any of the shinning force games, so I can't comment on their music quality, but I can sday from the games I have heard, the SNES beats them hands down. This also goes for all ports from the genesis to the SNES, the SNES remakes are almost always better.
my fave music is from Steep Slope Sliders, even tho its not specifically composed for the game (u know what i mean, not like a score or anything like an RPG)

next to that, the music in Sonic 1 was pretty kewl, as was Gunstar Heroes and the pure Old Skool cheesiness of Double Clutch on the Genny/MD

of the music I haven't mentioned (but seen here), these are what I LIKE (in order, yep, in order)

1. Bare Knuckle 1 and 2 (not 3) - streets of rage

2. Thunder Force III (i haven't heard the others except 5)

and yep, I like techno, and yep, YOUNG NOBLEMAN OF SADNESS!!!! :) but right now I am the "young poorman of rage" because of some things that happened recently...
Time to revive this topic!

I'm gonna go rogue. My favorite video game soundtrack of all time is for GRAND THEFT AUTO!

If you've never listened to it, DO SO NOW. It's HILLARIOUS! I have never, in my life, ever heard such a perfect, funny parody of actual moronic radio DJ's, stupid Pop music, idiotic Rock music, weird techno, and almost any other genre you could imagine. Every time I boot up that game I start chuckling uncontrollably at how funny that stuff is.

The best part is, some of the songs are _better_ than the real thing. Just listen for "The Ballad of Chaplips Calhoun" heheheheh....
To throw my choices out there


Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)

Sonic CD (couple of tracks)

Tomcat Alley (it is done by one of my favorite artist, Herbie Hancock.)

Streets of Rage (sorry forgot which one, think it is 2)

Can't think of anything else right now. To early in the morning, and the beer is not helping!
As cheezy as they may sound there's something about the Nights soundtrack. I find my self playing the game just to hear the music...and I probably shouldn't admit this but I find myself bopping my head every time I hear the ending credits. Wow I'm sad ;)
slinga - you're not alone. Can't understand what it is I like about it, but NiGHTS music is cool as ####. I also like the end music to Flashback. And Super Puzzle Fighter II has some fun music. Not anything I'd listen to in my car or anything, but fun.

You can't compare soundtracks from a Snes system to a Megadrive system technically. It's pretty obvious why the Snes had better capabilities of playing music, it came out some years after the megadrive did and therefore had better specs.

And considering your post about not having played the Shining Force series...try them, they were better than most Snes games easily!

*Loving my Megadrive still, and forever*
metal gear solid 2

ooga booga, the lil kids like it, i think its funny...

"OOOGA, (drum), BOOGA"

sonic 1

sonic 2

panzer dragoon saga

sonic cd

tazmania for gen(was funny in parts)

metal gear, regular old metal gear...

sonic spinball

final fantasy 7

metal gear solid

ice quake-sat

ridge racer

x-com: ufo defense

there more but cant think of em atm...
Quote: from Fabrizo on 8:08 pm on Oct. 13, 2001

Yea, I have all the MP3s of PDS, FF7, FF8, and FF3.

whoa! you got the soundtrack for FFIII? Did they release soundtracks/Mp3s for the first three games on NES? how'd you get them? I know they're soundtracks for FFIV - FFX. but the first three on NES? WOW! that surprises me!
hmm i love the Xenogears Arranged album, and some msuic from the arcade machines from sega from the time from 94-98 this machines have real good sometime..

Hmm at last the arranged soundtracks from konami from they classics game, this albums rocks really..

Ice Hockey,

Sword of Vermillion (love that rebuilt town music)

Crazy Taxi, (Offspring rocks, epecially their first album.)

Castlevania II Simons Quest

Sonic Spinball,

Mike Tyson's Punchout!!

Out Run

Final Fantasy VI (III)

Ecco, when I'm feeling real Sharper Image relaxy

Jet Grind Radio

Phantasy Star

Eternal Champions, the theme from the biographies

Secret of Evermore, again, when I'm feeling Sharper Image relaxy

uhh... that's all i can think of now.
In my opinion:-

ThunderForce 4 - Megadrive

ThunderForce 5 - Saturn

Need For Speed - Saturn

Panzer Dragoon Saga - Saturn (NOT PSX HAHA)


Unreal - PC

Have some of the best music your gunna get out of a system. Most of the music you get in a computer game is better than the shite in the charts in my opinion.

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