FDD Operator English Patch

FDD Operator Disc Translation Patch 1.0


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This is a simple patch to translate the FDD Operator Disc into English.

Long story short, all the English data was already on the disc, all that needed to be done was change a pointer to point to the English data instead of the Japanese data. It seems Sega did a quick and dirty copy of at least the Text Data from the Bios for this, possibly more of the Bios is there on the disc. Because of this though there were a few phrases missing in the English data that were added to the Japanese data, so I had to add those in while shortening the Language options text to make room. The language option text is never used in this disc as far as I know so that shouldn't be any problem

For what it's worth, there's data on the disc for French, German, Spanish, and Italian as well. So if someone wanted to make translations to those, they'd just need to do a similar pointer change and add the missing phrases.


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Kind of weird Sega didn't adjust the language based on what was set in the BIOS right?


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Tested on the Satiator to operate a floppy drive that came without the CD, works without problem.
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