Fiiinally modded my Sega CD with my MultiBios

I put it off for a long time (I got the multibios 4 years ago! and almos lost it when I moved after college. I found it in the bottom of a bag destined for garbage half a year after moving in. Since I'd left it in the original mailing envelope, it looked like trash at some point).

My soldering iron shucks (got it at radio shack). It can't even melt solder if you apply it directly to the tip. Probably because I didn't tin it when I first used it. It only works for a minute if I sand the tip with metal sandpaper. I've done a couple minor mods with it, but didn't want to risk the multibios and soldering all 40 pins with it.

So rather than spend money on a descent iron, I asked my tech at work who solders electronic components all day to do it. He did an excellent job.

I also added a modification of my own. I added a dual-pole single-throw switch to let me choose between the original bios and the new bios (which is soldering directly ontop of the old bios). I did this because I didn't want to lose the original bios music/animation deal. In the pictures on arakons website for the multibios, it shows that he'd modded the bioses to splash the multibios logo instead of the segacd logo. Also, I didn't know if it used the model 2 or model 1 bios, and I think that the music and animation on the model 2 sega cd (us version anyway) are vastly inferior to the model 1.

So, just to be safe (and in case the mod didn't work), I have the extra switch to revert back to the original bios.

I put the three switches on the left side (opposed side as the bios, but there's more room, and the wires wrap around the shielding box around the CD unit fine on the model 2).

I was afraide the bios could have gone bad after 4 years. I'm always worried it might have gotten some sunlight and the UV erased it or something. But yay it worked!:rock:

I'd purched half a dozen japanese megacd games off e-bay a long long time ago, and finally get to play them. First of course, the main reason I got the multibios in the first place, was to play the Ranma 1/2 game. It's a digital comic, so even though I can't understand half the kanji, if you click enough times you keep running through it.

I tried the Dynamic C.C. Golf. Either I suck at it, or the game is impossible. No matter how close to the strike meter I am, it always hooks or slices wildly, and it is impossible to determine the right power for non-max distances (including all putting).

I then played Devastator. It's a Wolfteam shooter (half platform, half horizontal). Nothing special, but I played to (presumably) the last level on my first try. Then it was one of those levels where you have to face all the past bosses in a row, but you always restart on each death, so after about a half hour I gave up.

Got a few more I haven't tried yet. Urusei Yatsura, Yumimi Mix, Sengoku Densho, and Nightstriker. I should probably pick up Ninja Warriors one of these days too.