Final Fantasy X


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I have never cried during a Final Fantasy (not even when Aeris died, although that was very sad, I just didn't cry) until now. I cried my ass of when Tidus left
. It was like watching myself die. Since he and I are practically the same in terms of personality, and speaking (although I don't hate my father). Tidus was THE MAN! Great ending (took me 48 hours to beat), but FFIX's is still better. In terms of best endings of all the FF's I've gone through and beaten in order:

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy VII (Yeah, it IS the greatest game ever made, but it's ending isn't as good).

My favorite part was after the fight with Evrae, and when everyone was sliding down those poles/ropes into Bevelle. That was KICK ASS! My other favorite part was when Seymour) I think he might be gay with Kuja from FFIX
) FINALLY got sent to the farplane after the fourth fight with him, right before the Final Battle, with Jecht, your Aeons, and Yu Yevon. Another good part was when Auron got sent during the ending. FFX has the deepest story, of all the FFs I've beaten. I had to have my step-brother explain a lot of the BIG parts. I just hope Tidus comes back in the Expansions/Side Storys that Square's releasing this fall in Japan (an FF first).

Now.. let's see how good FFXII can be!
I completed it, didn't enjoy it...

The voice acting for me ruined it, I felt like it made me lose any emotional connection to my characters as they just didn't seem human.. FF7 I sat there and thought woah, Aries is dead (Not cried or anything, just felt something in my stomach like I do in films) but on FFX I just shrugged as you know they arn't humans...

I should shoot people who cast voices in games


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The voice acting totally kicked ass. I just didn't like Yuna at times. Her voice annoyed me sometimes. Tidus was perfect, as was all the others. Seymour bugged me. Not only his character, his voice fit him SO well, I hated his voice. Other than that, I loved it ALL.