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What is the first new video game system either you bought or was bought for you?

My first was the MAster System. My parents bought it for my birthday. I remember the pure enjoyment of finding out about the hidden game. The system was pure pleasure. Unfortunatly, all my friends had NES. I sold my MS to buy an NES.
you traitor! selling your sms for a NES

there was only 2 of us in my class that had a sms everyone else had a nes - we argued all the time with the nes people

also c64 was my first -- then sms
My first system was given to me by a freind who felt sorry for me that my family could not afford a video game system for me. Atari 2600 on a b&w tv was my first experience with video games back when nintendo was popular.
My first system was a Genesis -- saved up the money and bought it myself. Came with the delicious wonder that is Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

I don't think I could ever get rid of it. Now I, of course have a CD and 32X added onto it. Luckly I onl paid about $15-$20 apiece for each of those instead of the original retail prices

I can still remember when my friend in high school bought a 32X when it came out. We were all bummed when there weren't any 32X games availible for renting. If we only knew....
But Virtua Racing on 32X sure was cool at the time
He even let me borrow it for a while.

haha --- those were the days.
My first system was a Master System which i got for christmas. It came with Bubble Bobble and the built-in Alex kidd game.

I ended up having a collection of about 20-30 games before i decided to sell it.
atari forget what one it was the one with the wooden look to it. wasnt really bought for me by my parents since them and my sisters had it before i was born.(i believe i'll have to look into the history of it)
heh..definetly atari 2600...although technically it was for the whole family..hmm, looking back, my video game systems bought new reads like a history of video games (well, a partial one) atari 2600, odyssey 2, colecovision, vectrex, atari 7800, sega master system, NES, genesis, supernintendo, turbographx, saturn, playstation, dreamcast, ps2...well, a partial list..I just love video games..system is so unimportant to far as I'm concerned, all of them have good games
First new system bought for me was an NES (about 14 years ago).

First new system I bought with my own money was a Saturn (about a year ago).
1980 - Magnavox Odyssey 2 a.k.a. Philips Videopac G7000 .... I'm German and lived in Germany until 1996 when I moved to the USA .....

1983 - Commodore 64... oddly enough, we didn't have a datassette until MUCH later. We got a monitor, 1541 and SpeedDOS first. ;-)

1988 - Amiga 500. I remember the first two games I played on this awesome machine: Test Drive 2 and Marble Madness. Gawd, they rocked. :)

1999 - my aging but trusty AMD K6-II PC... on which I played the entire Tomb Raider series. Can't wait for TR NG (but I'll need a new machine for that).

Late 2001 - my first-ever videogame console (not counting the Odyssey2) - the Sega Saturn. A friend kept telling me about Nights Into Dreams, even sending me screenshots, until curiosity got the better of me. In no time I became an avid collector of rare US and Japanese games for it.

Yesterday - a Dreamcast. Used and smells a bit, so I'll have to give it a good cleaning before using it first. Already got games for it too, though. :-D
Apple IIGS? does that count? i play arkinoid for hours and hours and hours ... memorys , that and Think Quick that was a quality game
Well, I was born into an A2600 and a Vic-20

the 1st one i bought that wasn't a present would be the Mega Drive
but that was 2nd hand

First console I bought new was a PSX
the first system bought just for me was the genesis. i had a c64 before that but it was also for the family. first system i bought with my own money was the sega cd bought it when it first came out.
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Originally posted by falstaff@Aug. 09 2002, 7:19 am

Pong! (Damn I'm old!)

Mine had a few more games than just Pong! but not many.

I think it had a light gun too.
My first game experience was Pitfall on the wood-veneered VCS that my Uncle rented. The first machine I owned which was a gift was a Phillips Videopac G7000 (Odyssey II).

I think the first system I actually bought new myself was a Japanese MegaDrive back in 1990. I paid for it by saving up the money from my paper round.
Atari 2600 in 1980 or so. NES in 1988. SNES (my brother and I put our money together) in 1992 or 93, PSX (my brother and I put our money together) in 1997, PS2 in 2001, Gameboy Advance in 2001.