First public version on site

Uploaded first public version.

1) Because of legality questions - ROM is not included. So you must use your legal sms/gg rom. ISO building instruction are in readme.txt. Please read this txt file carefully.

2) It's possible very slow.

3) For now it's not checked on real saturn - only on SSF emu. So any report on how it's works on saturn are welcome.

4) And remember to read readme.txt

5) Use cdtools (buildcd.exe, stripiso.exe) for building ISO image.
In case someone doesn't feel like digging up a copy of buildcd and stripiso, I've put together some files that should build a working ISO with mkisofs. They can be found on my site, if it can even be called a site...

edit: forgot to mention that this is untested yet since I'm running low on blanks. I have built an ISO with it and it looks correct, I just haven't tried running it yet.

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Denis, you better update to a 512Kb version as soon as possible. Ppl will soon start complaining ^^;

And be sure to drop a mail to Charles MacDonald's about this port. I'm sure he'll be glad to hear about it.
I got a few questions.

Do I need to do the swaptrick to use it ? mostlikey tho

does it work with all the games sms plus supports ?

Right now I know it only supports 1 rom but how many roms can the emulator support up to ?
Oke, i'll reply for Denis...

1) If you don't have a mod-chip, you'll need a swap trick to get it working. You'll also need to add a very big file (I recomend at least 40 Mb in size) inside the ISO. Other ways could be using a PAR/Gameshark and a modified version of the emulator to upload the game to Saturn RAM, but that is not covered yet.

2) It should support every game SMS Plus supports (but it doesn't due to a memory problem, so only games below 230Kb in size, and they must be SMS games, since it's set up like that)

3) Teoretically, it runs whatever SMS rom we send it. A version that loads 512Kb ROM files should be right out, so I recommend that you wait a while before trying :) If Denis wants, i'll make something that reassembles a file selection routine for when the emulator starts, since it should help debugging. In that case you could burn any bunch of them in a CD and play.
Thank you TakaIsSilly!

Tryed to do somesort of rom loading menu, but nothing for now (i want to use it via somesort of index file, which contains name with extension and size divided by any special character, so after it reads "point" it have a name, then if first next character is "s" - it's a sms rom else - it's a gamegear, and if it's reads spec character, "/" for example, it'll know that the next is the size).
Hello. uh, Congratulations on the Phoenix emu, and now the SMS emu. Much respect to anyone who has helped to make these things possible.

I tried the SMS emu on a real saturn, with Fantasy Zone 2, Chase HQ, and Sonic the hedgehog.

Unfortunately, all games were unplayable. uh, All three games were extremely slow, kept on umm skipping, and in FZ2 and Sonic I could still see all of the characters where they were like 20 seconds before.

I am not in any way trying to complain- #### I'll get my SMS fix somewhere. I just wish I could help with the project, and since I don't know anything about programming, the best i could do is just to try out the emu and give what feedback i can. Maybe I could help with a website or something.

Anyway keep up the good work.

Mr Trunk wrote:

uh, All three games were extremely slow, kept on umm skipping, and in FZ2 and Sonic I could still see all of the characters where they were like 20 seconds before.


It's because you use smsemu1 - 1st public version. But i already uploaded 2nd version (with cd tools included). Those problem is fixed in 2nd version (i.e. seeing characters where they was 20 seconds before)

RIGHT now i checked sonic on real saturn (on little modified 2nd version) - no gfx glitches at all. About speed - when you set frame_skip - to minimum value (i.e. no skips at all) - it's about 4 times slower then real SMS. Dont forget that min amount of frame skips (i.e. less then "no skip" - it is "no display" mode) So if you keep pressing left shift and got picture not updating - press right shift.
To Denis:

Hey, that's great news man. I knew you would work out the problems. Uh, the 2nd version wasn't available yet at the time of my last post. I must have gone to sleep just before you uploaded it. You sure work fast.

Anyways, I will try the new version tonight, and post again later.

By the way, I am especially eager to try out Game Gear's Shining Force games on my Saturn, so I can Barely wait til you release a GG version. I am also curious, are you still planning a Gameboy emu?

Keep on Truckin
Denis, I got your update.. let's see what can i do to help... My file loading process was kinkier... I've been reading some ".h with japanese comments files". I figured out the GFSInit (that could give a structure with file listing and info on the CD directory), but it keeps crashing when running under SSF and GiriGiri, so it's no good. BTW, did I ever thank you for bringing this board again to life? ^o^
Hey Denis congrats man! I just tried your emu, build 2, with Bubble Bobble. Slow but no real problems besides a little bit of flickering. Do you think the saturn can handle a full speed master system emu? I hope so.
If some of us can get our heads together and produce some worthwhile SH2 Z80 core, yes ^^; Don't be hopping for it to happen anytime soon, tough.
Hey, I just tried the 2nd public version. I tried it with Fantasy Zone 2 and Chase Hq again, on my Saturn.

Yes, the second version is much improved. No more extra characters. I can see what's going on now. I also appreciate being able to control the frame skip. Yeah, the Emu is still a bit slow or jumpy, but I am still very much impressed.

See you later.