Flashback and Another World Ported to the GBA

i think it should be done as both the games still have alot of popularity and they are timless classics and they would look good on a gba, or maybe another world and heart of the alien on the gba
No, I think they should start making new games for the GBA. Half of the target audience already have these "retro" releases in the original format and there is only so much money one can be expected to part with for nostalgia. Whoever owns the rights to those games is welcome to make a new sequel, but I'm not going to pay for a re-release.
well i would pay for it, to play them games on the move would be a joy
i mean they ported desert strike over and its just the same they could have put all 3 in 1 cartridge but they know they will suck money out people releasing them all seperate
plus if they did another world and heart of the alien it would be new to most people, not alot of people played heart of the alien as it was only made in the US for the sega cd and very few copys are around.
I don't think flashback would be condusive to the small screen..too many tiny graphics..jump points, mines, and what-not.

Out of this World/Another World might work though.
I think they should do it, but instead put Flashback and Fade to Black on one disc for the PS2, GameCube, and X-BOX.