Forgot to convert to WAV

I just burned a couple of games without converting the MP3s to WAV. Did CDRWin just convert them itself when it was burning? I've usually used MP3->WAV. What's going on? It couldn't have just copied the MP3s across right? or the MegaCD wouldn't run them.
I don't think it matters as i've burnt mega cd games in cdrwin before keeping them as mp3 and they worked... well ok they didn't work but that happend before i burnt them anyway.
You don't *need* to convert to wav first. However, if you don't, then burning will take a lot more cpu power, and on top of that, what if you are doing something on your computer, and cdrwin isn't decoding the mp3 fast enough? Also, I'm sure that cdrwin's (or any other burning program that decodes on the fly) method of converting to wav won't give you the best possible sound. Your best bet is to stick with converting to wav first.
i've actually used fireburner which converts the mp3 files before the burn then deletes the temp files and there is no degradation of sound.
you have any idea how little power it takes to convert a mp3 to wav? if you can run listen to mp3's without your computer crashing then theres no reason you cant burn and decode them at the same time
I'm just speaking from experience. I used to always use fireburner and burn from the mp3 (dunno what version Ratamahatta had, but mine decoded on the fly) and before I had a burner with burn proof, I would get buffer underrun errors quite often if I was doing stuff. Maybe my computer doesn't multitask as well as yours, but that's just my experience.
the only thing you need to be careful of is that those mp3's arent vbr

i think its cdrwin that doesnt decode these correctly, so if you get screwed audio then that may be the reason