Gdemu Openemu Custom Themes for dreamcast

Hello all, I just got my gdemu running and spend sometime to build a few themes for open menu. Since I was on macosx this was challenging. But I managed to do it thanks to all generous developers and community on this site and more. So I decided share those themes and provide the method I preferred. I hope this helps to other enthusiasts. I created these images on illustrator and convert them to png. Then I used PVRView to convert them to pvr files. I use GDMenuCartManager 2.00 for Mac. I placed files attached to this post into application/GDMenuCardManager/Contents/MacOS/tools/openMenu/menu_data/theme folder. Although I edited theme.ini file couldn't manage to change the menu colors. I tried to change the font type, couldn't make it. I tried to decrease the font size did not work out. So far so good. I hope you enjoy it. Again thanks to all!

Artboard 1 copy_2.png
Artboard 1 copy_3.png


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