FS: Gamecube system w/ 2 games and 5.4" LCD Screen


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Up for sale is my Platinum Gamecube system with 2 games, which are: Metroid Prime and Resident Evil. Also included is a 251 block memory card and an interact 5.4" LCD Screen.

Everything is BETTER than mint and comes with all the original packaging.

Looking to get about $425 *canadian* plus shipping.

Let me know ASAP if you are interested so I can figure out shipping costs and get everything shipped out. Thanks.

Side Note: I am a good seller on the SX forums, I've sold a few things to people and there has not been a complaint. Everything that I sell comes as described or pictured.
i might be interested. don't hold it for me or anything, but i've been toying with getting a gamecube just for those two games (among others), and a screen would be cool, too. if i somehow get some cash together, i'll see if you've sold it or not by then.

ps. they don't make mini dvd-r's do they? <_<
soo.. you're interested in buying a game cube yet you haven't sent out the 10$ worth of games that i've ALREADY paid you for?
ps. they don't make mini dvd-r's do they?

Yes, they do. They're not particularly common, but they've been in the standards for several years and a few manufacturers do make them.

Not that this will actually help you...
If anyone wants this system it will be available for a little while longer then I may just part the peices out to different people.

Let me know if you want the package asap. I will hold it for people if they do want it.
if your gonna sell it piece by piece tell me how much u want for the screen i might be intrested also which screen is it?