All my system are belong to you!


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As stated, although rather incoherently, I'm selling the rest of my video games. They're already posted up on the SX boards, but I guess I'll showcase them here too just for good posture.

Everything I own, I take very good care of (adult-owned, whatever you want to call it). I keep my systems in semi-climate-controlled environment and clean then (paintbrush & compressed air) once in a while.

All of my things are NTSC/US region, and they're all loose (no cases or stuff) unless I imply differently.

I have 100% feedback on eBay as "mechajuma" and good feedback on SX too.

I'd prefer Paypal, and to sell everything in bundles or all together (with a discount and I'll also throw in a bonus item or two). You will need to pay for shipping, so PM me with your zip code so I can figure out how much it will cost.

GameCube stuff: $170
- one black controller and a gray wavebird, AC and A/V cables, mini-disc polyester case, and GameBoy Player
- Metroid Prime (CIB)
- Super Smash Bros. Melee (CIB)
- Eternal Darkness (CIB)
- Resident Evil (CIB)
- Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (CIB)
- Soul Calibur 2 (CIB)
- Mega Man: Command Mission (CIB)

GBA stuff: $40
- Advance Wars (CIB)
- Advance Wars 2 (CIB)
- Sword of Mana (CIB)
- Golden Sun (CIB)

GameBoy stuff: $30
- original unit with a couple dead vert. scanlines
- lightboy (light magnifier)
- AC adapter
- car adapter
- GB-to-GB link cable
- polyester carry case

You can buy everything for $200 (shipped), which includes a bonus mystery thingamajig or two.