FTP abuse!?

Hey guys,

I noted that people are starting to abuse the FTP Forum. People claiming to be newbies are setting up FTPs just so they can ask people to upload games as a test. And then after they pretend the "testing" phase is over, they say something stupid like "I'v decided to also include Dreamcast ISOs so if you have any please send them".

I think the FTP forum should be strongly moderated or password protected for users who have high participation or post counts. I think other respected members of SX were also talking about this in another thread and recomended the same thing. It would not only eliminate the "Smash and run" leechers who are just looking for a free ride, but it would also help identify leechers to ban because their primary question in other forums would be "How do I get access to the games".

Also, I think people who "Fluff" up posts in the FTP forum by posting to themselves over and over to keep their FTP on the top is also a problem, as they only want to attract more people. Gamez, SS, DC ISOs, ect.
I like the idea posted in the other thread. Password protect it like the moderator forums. Then only allow members with "high" post counts or who are activly recognized in SX to receive the password.

People who keep posting crap to boost the posts up get banned really quickly. Newbies and strangers who walk in from psudo "DC Warez" forums can't just sign up and leech games.

All that leaves is the rest of the people who are well recognized in SX, and who are truly here for the long haul. FTPs are better, faster, cleaner! No more stupid DC ISO posts ether.
The other thread you mentioned did generate some good suggestions. Now that you have mentioned it, it seems your right. Not a lot of "here are the games you can download". It's more of "I have a new ftp, upload to it ". Not quiet the giving spirit most ftp admins demonstrate here. But then It is up the Board members to decide on a course of action that is fair to all, even the new members, if they feel it has become necessary. I started the other thread but in all truthfulness, this doesn't affect me too much. I have, as yet, really pursued downloading games. I have nothing against it, but as a game and console collector I always look for the origenal first. But it is a problem for many board members. A happy medium needs to found.
I agree. Although I don't really have the need to use FTPs at all, I think the abuse is still a problem because it reflects baddly against SX and all its members (even if veterens don't use the FTPs or not). What reflects baddly on SX as a whole reflects baddly on everyone in the community, and I would hope people take pride in themselves to clean things up so that it dosn't become a "warez" marathon like other places.

Just like your citys! Take pride, and don't litter on the streets! :) Its not a place for drug dealers ether. :)
hehe i am downloading stuff i'd like to burn got like 26 games. but it'll be a few months b4 i get an internet provider that will let me host. so ya what i dwnld will get posted right back for peeps to dwnld and if they upload that'd be cool too.

but ya i think having a post limiter for the ftp section would be great that way everyone who signs up would be forced to sit back relax and join the community instead of just leeching.
Only one prob....so what I got a high post count...I wanna get uploads. I still rip you off.....that ISNT gonna work........Also AFTER a long term ftp user was up, got all they can they STILL go down....so yea you need some fresh meat in there sometime.....Its the USERS fault if they upload.......I would BAN ppl who say upload first however.......Just because YOU have a ftp doesnt mean I HAVE to waste time uploading....Ive already done that.....really more about the users here that control a ftp not admins or us vets here..
I think stronger moderation and enforcement of the forum rule would help clean things up a bit. I prefer the idea of the forum just being for FTP info and troubleshooting, not for game requests and tech help.

Mind you, this isn't me having a go at SkankinMonkey. :)

Beyond that, I think that making the FTP forum 'members only' (if that's possible) would be sufficient. Then if people abuse the forum, ban them and they can't access it anymore. Simple.
Sega Xtreme always had problems with people leeching/deleting/closing acounts and so on.I remeber the old "hall of shame" where some mails where posted.Even with passwords Sega Xtreme had problems just because of the people that didn't have a pass.
I honestly never check the ftp forum at all.

I don't download stuff from there at all, so I see little sense in checking it.

if it starts bothering people, I can add someone as moderator for it, if someone wants to take that job.

adding a password is useless. not only would the admins get flooded with password requests, but they'd also keep trying to get in via hacking or hammering with random passes.
Maybe you should get people to PM you for the passwords rather than post for all to see. That way you know who you've got and a good idea of who might be abusing. The post amount thing isn't so good, because there's people like me who only just got a Saturn and ARE in for the long haul. You'd just end up with the other forums being spammed to #### to get post counts up.
I think SDDR could moderate it...I might be able to as well since I do this ANYWAYS on the 3-pak emu forums..... so if you would like.....just add me and let me know...Ill ban the #### out of lamers lol Also post "posting" rules..... (Ftp posting that is)
The Forum moderation would be a good idea, only let those that are active in the community into the ftp section to share the wealth, Personally with my ftp, all of the leechers that I have no idea who they are suck up all my bandwidth, and get rogers pissed at me, so thats why my ftp has been down for a while. I'd like it up, but only for the community. Blah at leechers.
Ratamahatta --> No kidding, I bet even after trying as hard as you can, you still get people leeching and hammering you for "Warez".
Exactly, so a while ago I basically said "screw this" for the time being and i've imposed a sort of, it will be up when i want it to :) its hard to keep an ftp available to the community when i get leechers and my ftp details posted all over the net. no wonder actual members messaged me saying they could never connect. A good idea would be to keep the guests from viewing the ftp forum. They are a good majority of the problem.
You know what SX could do is start an FTP alliance or something with one elected member in charge. They could issue "Offical" SX FTP lists and private accounts to people. Newbies and fly-by-night people who try to run an FTP and are not part of the allience are blacklisted and banned from advertizing an FTP while on SX. Since this group could be independent admins at SX wouldn't have to deal with all the problems ether.

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When I was a "newbielesser post count guy" SX was a pain in the @#$#@$#@$ @$$. I got banned from the chat rooms because I said you could burn saturn isos without the cue file (which we all know by now you can). I got banned and flammed for posting an ftp that didn't require being a long time ass kisser to SX. But I kept at it and I turned an ftp with 3 or 4 games into 160+ through the help of other SX outcasts. Then SX lost all its game and there was a huge leeching period. It's during this time people began to openly share their stuff, which made things better for everybody who wanted isos. SX is moving right back into it's elitist "I'm better then you because I've been here longer" attitude. SX should be for the people by the people. Ok I had more to rant, but I think actions will speak louder words....*prepares to unveil grand reopening of his old ftp*
i don't think that is what is pissing everyone off is. its ppl who set up ftp's and then as soon as they have all that they want they shut it down with some dumb excuse. leeching isn't bad but ppl to lazy to leech are.